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Act 7 is available with the Forgotten Gods Expansion and takes place in the distant land of the Korvan Basin. Although it can be accessed after killing the Warden at the end of Act 1, there are story and lore elements which place it after the other six acts.

The story chapter begins by talking to the Emissary, who can be found outside Devil's Crossing, Homestead, Fort Ikon, Coven's Refuge or Sewer Hideout. He will open a permanent portal to the Act 7 town hub, the Conclave of the Three.

Act 7 Locations[]


Conclave of the Three

Korvan Plateau

Temple City of Osyr

Korvan Sands

Cairan Docks

Sunbane Oasis

Vanguard of the Three

  • Edge of Reality

Ruins of Abyd

Infernal Wastes

Remnants of Korvan City

Tomb of the Eldritch Sun

The Eldritch Gate

Lost Oasis

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