Aegis of Thorns (Skill)

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Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png   Aegis of Thorns
Mastery: Oathkeeper
Tier: 3
Skill Type: Transmuter
Max. Level: 1
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Aegis of Menhir (Skill) Icon.png Aegis of Menhir
Aegis of Menhir (Skill) Icon.png

Aegis of Menhir

01/16 14 Energy Cost
2.5 Second Skill Recharge
Affects up to 1 targets
1 Projectile(s)
0.2 Meter Radius
120% Weapon Damage
12 Physical Damage
12 Fire Damage
Stun target for1.2 Seconds
Taunt target

16/16 54 Energy Cost
345% Weapon Damage
252 Physical Damage
252 Fire Damage
Stun target for3 Seconds

Infused with the Great Guardian's suffering, the Aegis of Menhir becomes an extension of Dreeg's will, and of his thorns endlessly dripping with acid-blood.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.5.0

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/1 18% of Retaliation Damage added to Attack
Total Damage Modified by -6%
100% Fire Damage converted to Acid Damage

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