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Aeon's Hourglass
Aeons Hourglass Constellation Icon.png
Aeon is known as the keeper of time, the master of fate's thread. It is by his judgement that mortals are born and die. His symbol is the hourglass.
Affinity Required:

Chaos   8
Primordial   18

Affinity Bonus:

Aeon's Hourglass is a tier three Constellation, located in the top left part of the devotion window.


Updated to: v1.0.0.6

1 +30 Physique
+30 Cunning
+30 Spirit
2 25% Reduction in Internal Trauma Duration
25% Reduction in Burn Duration
25% Reduction in Frostburn Duration
25% Reduction in Electrocute Duration
25% Reduction in Poison Duration
25% Reduction in Vitality Decay Duration
25% Reduction in Bleeding Duration
25% Reduction in Life Leech Duration
3 30% Reduced Entrapment Duration
50% Slow Resistance
+25% Reflected Damage Reduction
4 20% Aether Resistance
15% Vitality Resistance
+4% Maximum Vitality Resistance
5 +75 Defensive Ability
6% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks
6% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
6 Time Dilation (20% Chance on Attack)

Skill Progression[]

Time Dilation (20% Chance on Attack)

The sands of the hourglass spin in an untamed whirlwind. The laws of time itself no longer apply to you.
Level Stats XP Required
1/10 -6 Seconds to All Currently Active Skill Cooldowns
25 Second Skill Recharge
2/10 24 Second Skill Recharge 160000
3/10 23 Second Skill Recharge 371336
4/10 22 Second Skill Recharge 672776
5/10 21 Second Skill Recharge 1116836
6/10 20 Second Skill Recharge 17711442
7/10 19 Second Skill Recharge 2721398
8/10 18 Second Skill Recharge 4069700
9/10 17 Second Skill Recharge 5938761
10/10 15 Second Skill Recharge 8471532

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