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Among the Aetherials that crumbled humanity's empire, in a devastating event now called the Grim Dawn, there were those who reached out beyond the veil first, the ones that would become the heralds of mankind's destruction.

They were the first to infiltrate the ranks of Erulan, the first to manipulate the unwitting humans to undermine their own cities and governments. This Aetherial Vanguard now spreads its corrupting influence from the ruins that once stood as proud beacons of the fallen empire.

But all this carnage was merely the beginning of their machinations. At the hands of the Aetherial fleshshapers, vile new creations stir within the depths of Malmouth. Whatever comes next may well mark the end of humanity's resistance.

Faction Rewards[]

Faction Status Reward
Hostile: none
Despised: Extra Spawns
Hated: Additional Hero Spawns
Nemesis: Nemesis Spawns

Aetherial Vanguard Variants[]


Aetherial Bloater

Aetherial Colossus

Aetherial Corruption

Aetherial Fleshshaper

Aetherial Imp

Aetherial Sentry

Aetherial Worm

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