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Attak Seru, the Mirage
Attak Seru Constellation Icon.png
Attak Seru was the matron of spellweaving, the protector of those daring enough to wield magic. All Arkovian rituals had the symbol of Attak Seru inscribed within the runic circle for precaution; but not even her wards were enough to stave off the effects of the necromancer's curse.
Affinity Required:

Ascendant   16
Eldritch   14

Affinity Bonus:

Attak Seru, the Mirage is a tier three Constellation, located at the bottom of the devotion window.

Available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.


Updated to: v1.0.3.0

# Stats
1 +80% Aether Damage
+25 Defensive Ability
2 +80% Elemental Damage
+25 Defensive Ability
3 25% Pierce Resistance
25% Bleeding Resistance
4 +300 Health
+3% Defensive Ability
5 12 Elemental Damage
+100% Aether Damage
+100% Elemental Damage
6 Arcane Currents (15% Chance on Attack)

Skill Progression[]

Arcane Currents (15% Chance on Attack)

Carve an eldritch symbol into the ground that rapidly emits currents of arcane energy at nearby foes. Arcane Currents scale with player damage bonuses.
Level Stats XP Required

2/15 160000
3/15 371336
4/15 672776
5/15 1116836
6/15 17711442
7/15 2721398
8/15 4069700
9/15 5938761
10/15 8471532
11/15 11232559
12/15 14308980
13/15 17711469
14/15 21675138
15/15 26160399

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