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Barrowholm, a veritable jewel in the mud, offers a stark contrast to the dangers of the surrounding bog with its nearly immaculate structures and peaceful existence. Its denizens are rightfully protective of their home and offer an unusual mix of caution and warm hospitality to new visitors.

After all, in a world ravaged by Aetherials and Chthonians, something this perfect must be protected at all costs.

Barrowholm is one of the Factions in Grim Dawn. Just as with The Outcast, it is possible to make this faction either an allied or an enemy one, depending on the choices made when meeting their members during Act 5.

Headquarters: Ugdenbog

Reputation gained from:



  1. Void Oppressors
  2. Bloodkeepers
  3. Mossflingers
  4. The Mageclaw (Dar'Vagol)
  5. Stormblood (Rhidal'Gulvor)
  6. Swillius
  7. Polterrios
  8. Vladris
  9. Yoknar
  10. Corruption
  11. Packla
  12. Bargoll
  13. Steward of Darkness (Lunal'Valgoth)
  14. Progenitor of Darkness (Ekket'Zul)

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