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Blades of Nadaan
Blades of Nadaan Constellation Icon.png
Nadaan is the guardian of thieves and assassins. The appearance of his blades in the sky is often interpreted as a sign of ill omen; that an evil, but necessary, act is about to be carried out.
Affinity Required:

Ascendant   10

Affinity Bonus:

Ascendant   3
Order   2

Blades of Nadaan is a tier two Constellation, located at the right side of the devotion window.

Requires a Sword.


Updated to: v1.0.0.9

1 2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks
2% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
2 +40% Pierce Damage
3 +8 Defensive Ability
+50% Pierce Damage
4 +8 Defensive Ability
+4% Attack Speed
5 +4% Attack Speed
6 Increases Armor Piercing by 100%

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