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Bladesworn Talisman is an Empowered Relic.

This item can be acquired only by crafting. A Blueprint is required and can be purchased from the Devil's Crossing Faction Quartermaster.


Bladesworn Talisman Relic Icon.png

Bladesworn Talisman

"A symbol of expertise in the art of wielding two melee weapons at the same time."
Empowered Relic

10% Chance of 44-67 Physical Damage
+15% Physical Damage
+15% Elemental Damage
+16 Offensive Ability
15% Pierce Resistance

Granted Skills

Mutilate (Granted by Item)
Mutilates your target with three quick attacks, causing heavy bleeding. This is a dual-wielding technique. Also enables the ability to dual wield melee weapons.
15% Chance to be Used
100% Weapon Damage
60 Piercing Damage
75 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds

Required Player Level: 25
Item Level: 28

Completion Bonuses[]

+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Spirit
+3% Crit Damage
+3% Defensive Ability
+3% Offensive Ability

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