BleedingBleeding Damage is a type of duration damage. Cunning increases bleeding damage at a rate of 0.33% per point.



Forcewave (Skill) Icon Forcewave

  • Internal Trauma (Skill) Icon Internal Trauma: Adds bleeding damage to Forcewave

Cadence (Skill) Icon Cadence

  • Fighting Form (Skill) Icon Fighting Form: Adds bleeding damage to Cadence
  • Deadly Momentum (Skill) Icon Deadly Momentum: Adds +% bleeding damage

Blade Arc (Skill) Icon Blade Arc: Adds bleeding damage

  • Laceration (Skill) Icon Laceration: Adds +% bleeding damage to Blade Arc

Counter Strike (Skill) Icon Counter Strike: Adds bleeding damage

Scars of Battle (Skill) Icon Scars of Battle: Adds bleeding resistance


Curse of Frailty (Skill) Icon Curse of Frailty: Reduces bleeding resistance

Bloody Pox (Skill) Icon Bloody Pox: Deals bleeding damage

  • Wasting (Skill) Icon Wasting: Adds +% bleeding damage to Bloody Pox
  • Black Death (Skill) Icon Black Death: Adds +% bleeding damage to Bloody Pox


Whirling Death (Skill) Icon Whirling Death: Adds bleeding damage

Phantasmal Blades (Skill) Icon Phantasmal Blades: Deals bleeding damage

  • Heart Seeker (Skill) Icon Heart Seeker: Adds +% bleeding damage to Phantasmal Blades

Ring of Steel (Skill) Icon Ring of Steel

  • Circle of Slaughter (Skill) Icon Circle of Slaughter: Adds bleeding damage to Ring of Steel

Anatomy of Murder (Skill) Icon Anatomy of Murder: Adds +% bleeding damage

Blade Trap (Skill) Icon Blade Trap: Deals bleeding damage

  • Devouring Blades (Skill) Icon Devouring Blades: Adds +% bleeding damage to Blade Trap

Blade Spirit (Skill) Icon Blade Spirit: Whirling Blades and Blade Burst skills deal bleeding damage


Brute Force (Skill) Icon Brute Force

  • Feral Hunger (Skill) Icon Feral Hunger: Adds bleeding damage
  • Upheaval (Skill) Icon Upheaval: Adds bleeding damage

Savagery (Skill) IconSavagery: Adds bleeding damage

Devouring Swarm (Skill) Icon Devouring Swarm: Reduces bleeding resistance

Primal Strike (Skill) Icon Primal Strike

  • Storm Surge (Skill) Icon Storm Surge: Adds bleeding damage to Primal Strike

Grasping Vines (Skill) Icon Grasping Vines: Deals bleeding damage

  • Entangling Vines (Skill) Icon Entangling Vines: Adds +% bleeding damage to Grasping Vines

Mogdrogen's Pact (Skill) Icon Mogdrogen's Pact

  • Heart of the Wild (Skill) Icon Heart of the Wild: Adds +% second reduction of bleeding duration

Summon Briarthorn (Skill) Icon Summon Briarthorn

  • Emboldening Roar (Skill) Icon Emboldening Roar: Adds a skill to the briarthorn that increases bleeding resistance

Wendigo Totem (Skill) Icon Wendigo Totem

  • Blood Pact (Skill) Icon Blood Pact: Adds +% bleeding damage to totem effect

Conjure Primal Spirit (Skill) Icon Conjure Primal Spirit: Claw and fang attacks deal bleeding damage

Primal Bond (Skill) Icon Primal Bond: Adds +% bleeding damage


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