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For the enemy faction, see Chthonians.
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Bloodsworn are a class of enemy creature. They are the human members of the Cult of Ch'thon, and aligned with the Chthonians Faction.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "The Ch'thonic cults have been around since before the first traveler took to the roads. Under the Empire, they were outlawed and driven underground. Where cults were uncovered by inquisitors, the Emperor's nightblades would be sent to hunt down and execute the practitioners. Even so, they could not be eradicated and now they grow ever more powerful as people flock to them seeking purpose or salvation. More troubling though, I've heard tale that the cults have had success of late in calling forth the monstrous servants of their god to walk this world." - Kuldo
  • "Have you run into the Bloodsworn yet? The fanatical cult devoted to the supposed elder god Ch'thon? The cult has existed forever; some say since before recorded history. I always thought the myth of an elder god betrayed and gruesomely dismembered was too fantastical to be anything but the stuff of theatre but since the Grim Dawn, it seems the cult has newfound power and desperate men flock to swell their ranks." - Ulgrim
  • "The Cult of Ch'thon? Not a bunch of people you want to cross. Obsessed with the blood of some fallen god, or maybe it's just blood in general. Wasn't 'til I attended one of their underground meetings that I realized I was mixing with the wrong crowd; and believe me, I've been affiliated with some pretty twisted individuals before. Ran out of there before they were done with the first 'initiate'. You don't want to know what that entails." - Direni
  • "Though Chthonian worship was not a new prospect on Cairn, desperate humans made willing allies for the powers of Ch'thon and so an old enemy has returned to haunt us and may well spell doom for us all.Even now as we slaughter one another, the void feeds upon the spilled blood and grows to envelop all of creation." - Anasteria

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