Burn the Taken
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Given by:

Nathaniel Thorn


The Blood Grove




Side Quest






XP, Item

Burn the Taken is an Act 3 side quest offered by Nathaniel Thorn in the Blood Grove.

Nathaniel and his friends rightfully believe Rallia, a young witch, has been possessed by an Aetherial and are about to burn her at the stake. 


There are several dialogue options, which can result in two possible outcomes: siding with Rallia and killing Nathaniel and his friends, or siding with Nathaniel and letting Rallia be burnt alive.

Note that if you choose to save Rallia you can find her at the Coven's Refuge in Act V for the A Familiar Witch[1] quest. Speaking to her grants additional xp and 250 Coven of Ugdenbog repuation. This makes saving Rallia the preferred end if you do not care about the item reward.


If you save Rallia:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 17000 33000
Item Witch's Effigy

If you let her burn:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 17000 33000
Item Witch's Spellblade

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
You have encountered a group of survivors who were about to burn a young woman they suspect of being a Taken. You asked to speak with her before they do anything rash.


  • Speak to Rallia
Rallia has convinced you that she is not a Taken, but you must now convince Nathaniel to let her go.


  • Convince Nathaniel to let Rallia go
You are convinced that the men trying to burn Rallia alive are paranoid, but they refuse to listen to reason. They have become violent when you suggested letting her go. There is only one way out of this: Nathaniel and his lackeys have to die.


  • Kill Bolvia
  • Kill Nathaniel
  • Kill Vaam
You have freed Rallia from her captors, for which she is eternally grateful. Speak to her for a reward.


  • Speak to Rallia
You have burnt the Taken Rallia, as she deserved. Speak to Nathaniel about the ordeal.


  • Speak to Nathaniel
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