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The Ch'thonians are one of two races of otherworldly entities present in the Grim Dawn universe and make up one of the various enemy Factions present in the game.


Chthonians, horrors from the Void, are the things of nightmare. Prior to the Grim Dawn, Chthonians would only be seen upon Cairn following an arcane ritual gone wrong or at the beckoning of a powerful sorcerer.

Despite an effort to exterminate the practice, a cult has formed around blood rituals and the worship of Chthonic beings. Members of the cult have been overheard chanting one name in particular: Ch'thon. With the world in disarray, the cult has grown strong, garnering new followers desperate for answers in a world that no longer makes sense.

Chthonians, and their loyal cult, appear to be at odds with the Aetherials, eagerly harvesting helpless humans for blood so that the Aetherials cannot use them as vessels.

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