ColdCold Damage is one of the three Elemental Damage types. It is associated with Frostburn. Spirit increases cold damage at a rate of 0.33% per point.



Dual Blades (Skill) IconDual Blades: Adds +% cold damage

  • Execution (Skill) IconExecution: Adds cold damage

Lethal Gambit (Skill) IconLethal Gambit: Adds cold damage

  • Amarasta's Blade Burst (Skill) IconAmarasta's Blade Burst: Adds +% cold damage to Lethal Gambit

Veil of Shadow (Skill) IconVeil of Shadow

  • Night's Chill (Skill) IconNight's Chill: Adds -% cold resistance to Veil of Shadow's effect

Phantasmal Blades (Skill) IconPhantasmal Blades

  • Nether Edge (Skill) IconNether Edge: Adds cold damage to Phantasmal Blades

Shadow Strike (Skill) IconShadow Strike: Adds cold damage

  • Nightfall (Skill) IconNightfall: Adds cold damage to Shadow Strike

Ring of Steel (Skill) IconRing of Steel

  • Transmuter (Skill) IconRing of Frost: Converts 75% of Ring of Steel's Piercing Damage to cold damage

Merciless Repertoire (Skill) IconMerciless Repertoire: Adds +% cold damage

Blade Spirit (Skill) IconBlade Spirit: Whirling Blades and Blade Burst skills deal cold damage


Olexra's Flash Freeze (Skill) IconOlexra's Flash Freeze: Deals cold damage

  • Absolute Zero (Skill) IconAbsolute Zero: Adds +% cold damage to Olexra's Flash Freeze

Trozan's Sky Shard (Skill) IconTrozan's Sky Shard: Deals cold damage

  • Frozen Core (Skill) IconFrozen Core: Adds +% cold damage to Trozan's Sky Shard

Star Pact (Skill) IconStar Pact: Adds +% cold damage and converts 15% of Physical Damage to cold damage


Wind Devil (Skill) IconWind Devil

  • Raging Tempest (Skill) IconRaging Tempest: Adds cold damage to Raging Tempest


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