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This note is found in the Gates of Necropolis.

After ten years, the Necropolis, as it has come to be known, is more than halfway finished. Far ahead of my early projections. Though I can't say it has been without complications.

I was shocked when an agent of the Erulan Imperium appeared and began reassigning workers and equipment without my approval. Apparently the Imperium is having an additional chamber constructed beneath my original designs. These imbeciles have no sense of grandeur and design. This is my life's work we are talking about! I don't care how much the Imperium is paying me. I will not stand for it.

Over the last seven months, I have written several distasteful letters to the Erulan council stating my displeasure with these arrangements. Not a single response. Every time I see that wretched man, Vestiaris, I confront him on the subject; and every time he gives me the same tired response: "I have been appointed by the Erulan Imperium. If you take issue with my duties here, please take it up with them". Well they can ignore me all they want. This is my vision and I will not be pushed aside as it is befouled. I don't care how long it takes. I will find out what they are doing down there and I will put an end to it.

The Grand Architect, Hemal Listari

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