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This note is found in the Necropolis Interior.

My father, Hemal Listari, is dead. After nearly twenty years of his finest work, the Necropolis is complete. It is of great misfortune that he did not live to see his final work completed, having suddenly passed away mere days ago. It haunts me how strong and healthy he was to die as suddenly as he did. I am deeply saddened, and yet filled with pride and happiness that I was handed the honor of finishing his grand designs. The Imperium has agreed to have him entombed here, a great honor to our family name to be at rest with so many valiant defenders of our great nation.

As for myself, I am designing my father's mausoleum and then I must leave for my next commission. I have been tasked with the construction of a massive tunnel that will be serve as passage between the conquered northlands and the Arkovian south; perhaps not as noble a project as the great Necropolis, but it will be mine and I have many years to fill my father's shoes.

I wanted to stay and oversee the construction of my father's mausoleum, but the orders were clear that I get started on the passage immediately. I don't understand the rush or insistence. I almost feel like they are forcing me to leave.

Assistant Architect, Modin Listari

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