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The Crafting system in Grim Dawn provides a means of producing powerful equipment and consumables. Blueprints and Recipes can be collected from slain enemies, chests or quest rewards, then added to the crafting compendium within the Blacksmith's UI.

Blueprints can require various rare items and materials, and higher tier Blueprints can use lower tier crafted items as ingredients, resulting in a pyramidal build-up to the most powerful of crafted accessories.

The player can begin crafting items as soon as the Blacksmith is unlocked during a side-quest in Act 1, and comes with a selection of item blueprints ready to craft.

The types of items that are available to craft include:


Numerous Blacksmiths can be found throughout the game world. In addition to regular Crafting services, various Blacksmiths will offer unique special services, such as exchanging Crafting Materials, crafting Dynamite or random Legendary items. They will also apply different Crafting Bonuses to items.


A number of Components are obtainable only by crafting, either from the Blacksmith's baseline crafting list, or from Blueprints found as random loot. Faction vendors also sell blueprints for some components.


Dynamite, in addition to its use in Detonation Sites, can be used by the Inventor to break un-needed equipment down into Scrap and Components; the higher the rarity of item the the more powerful the component recovered. Epic and Legendaries can produce rare crafting materials which can it turn be use to craft other items.

Basic Item Production[]

Random Magical (with a chance of Rare) items of all types can be crafted by the Blacksmith. These will have a random prefix and suffix, as well as one of the Blacksmith's custom stats. The player can select the preferred damage type of crafted Weapons and Off-Hand items.

Levelling Rares[]

A variety of Rare items can be crafted either from looted blueprints or the Blacksmith's base collection. These come with specific stats as well as one bonus custom stat of the Blacksmith. Rare items you craft directly (unlike random magical items that can be crafted and have a chance at being a rare and can have double affixes) will only have one affix when crafted.

Melee Weapons[]

Name Item Type Level
Adept's Bladed Mace One-Handed Blunt 15
Adept's Morningstar One-Handed Blunt 37
Adept's Flanged Mace One-Handed Blunt 62
Honed Longsword One-Handed Sword 15
Honed Broadsword One-Handed Sword 37
Honed Conqueror One-Handed Sword 65
Brutal Great Axe Two-Handed Axe 15
Brutal Carver Two-Handed Axe 37
Brutal Decapitator Two-Handed Axe 65

Ranged Weapons[]

Name Item Type Level
Double-Barrel Pistol
Hand Mortar
Shrapnel Pistol
Rotating Rifle
Frontloading Rifle
Shrapnel Gun

Caster Weapons[]

Name Item Type Level
Adept's Dagger 30
Adept's Spellblade 45
Master's Spellblade 65
Adept's Wand 30
Adept's Scepter 45
Master's Scepter 65

Shields and Off-Hands[]

Name Item Type Level
Glyphed Archive 15
Occult Horn 15
Glyphed Spellbook
Occult Skull
Glyphed Tome
Occult Effigy
Battle Shield
Siege Shield
Sovereign Shield


Name Item Type Level
Adept's Hood 24
Ranger's Helm 24
Adept's Circlet 30
Ranger's Casque 30
Adept's Gloves 24
Squire's Gauntlets 24
Adept's Grips 30
Squire's Handguards 30
Adept's Boots 24
Squire's Boots 24
Adept's Greaves 30
Squire's Greaves 30


Name Item Type Level
Ranger's Ribbon 14
Ranger's Badge 22
Bounty Hunter's Girdle 28
Shockweave Sash 28
Flamesilk Sash 45
Warmonger's Belt 45
Frostguard Girdle 65
Wraithbone Sash 65

Epics and Legendaries[]

Many Epic and Legendary items can be crafted after finding their Blueprint. In addition, on Elite and Ultimate difficulties, Legendaries can be crafted by the Blacksmith Etram Faid in the Tyrant's Hold, Bella Fald in the Tomb of Herald Mathis, and Algosia Fald in the Tomb of Nephos.

Etram will craft random Legendary items from 5 categories, appropriate to the player's level, for a cost of 75,000 Iron Bits, 1 Polished Emerald Complete.png Polished Emerald, and a quantity of rare crafting materials:

Item Type Material Notes
Accessories Ancient Heart Icon.png Ancient Heart (8) includes Belts
Armor Blood of Ch'thon Icon.png Blood of Ch'thon (8)
Caster Weapons Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png Tainted Brain Matter (8) includes Off-Hands
Melee Weapons Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png Tainted Brain Matter (8) includes Shields
Ranged Weapons Ancient Heart Icon.png Ancient Heart (8)

If the player does not have enough of a desired crafting material, The Blacksmith Horrus (in the Gates of Necropolis) can exchange Hearts, Brains and Bloods for a fee.

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