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Creatures are the varieties of enemies to be encountered in the world of Grim Dawn. They may appear as humans, or different types of monsters. Creatures of different classes or Factions may also be antagonistic toward one another. Killing enemy creatures is one of the primary sources of gaining experience and loot.


Creatures have their own stats, such as Health, Energy, Physique, Spirit, Cunning, Offensive and Defensive Ability, and sometimes regeneration and life leech, just as player characters do. They also have Armor and Resistances, and can reflect or block damage.

They have their own skill sets, including those available from player Masteries, and can also use item skills and stats from items they have equipped, including Rare, Epic and Legendary quality items.


Monster names appear in different colors, with each color indicating a certain grade or rarity of monster.

  • White: Common monsters. These are the enemies encountered most often.
  • Yellow: Uncommon, or Champions. These are somewhat stronger than regular monsters and will use additional skills.
  • Orange: Hero Monsters. They will spawn randomly among regular monster packs and have an individual name and a star above their head to denote their status. They are much stronger than common or uncommon monsters and will often use special skills. They may also belong to a particular hero Archetype.
  • Lavender: Unique Boss Monsters. They usually reside in a fixed location. They may be part of a quest line or just be the resident challenge monster of an area. They are very powerful and possess several special or unique skills.
  • Red: includes Nemesis monsters (which can spawn randomly after reaching Nemesis level enemy Faction reputation) and some secret Boss Monsters. They are the ultimate challenge the game has to offer, and the players must be certain of their capacities before challenging one of them.

Creature Types[]

Enemy creatures can be classified into races, with various types and sub-types. Many will also belong to a particular Faction.

Type Race Faction
Aetherial Aetherial Aetherials
Basilisk Beast Beasts
Boar Beast Beasts
Bone Rat Beast Beasts
Chthonian Chthonic Chthonians
Chthonian Fiend Chthonic Chthonians
Chthonian Devourer Chthonic Chthonians
Crab Beast Beasts
Dermapteran Insectoid Beasts
Dranghoul Beastkin Beasts
Flesh Hulk Aether Corruption Aetherials
Gazer Aether Corruption Aetherials
Ghost Undead Arkovian Undead
Ghoul Undead
Golem Eldritch Beasts
Groble Beastkin Beasts
Harpy Beast Beasts
Harvestman Aether Corruption Aetherials
Hellhound Eldritch
Human Human
Living Plant Plant Beasts
Human Possessed Aether Corruption Aetherials
Manticore Beast Beasts
Mosquito Insectoid Beasts
Swarm Insectoid Beasts
Obsidian Defiler Chthonic Chthonians
Mummy Undead Eldritch Horrors
Rift Scourge Insectoid Beasts
Raptor Riftspawn Beasts
Rift Hound Riftspawn Beasts
Scavenger Beast Beasts
Skeleton Undead Arkovian Undead
Slith Beastkin Beasts
Spider Arachnid Beasts
Thorned Horror Riftspawn Beasts
Trog Beastkin Beasts
Troll Beastkin Beasts
Vulture Beast Beasts
Wasp Insectoid Beasts
Wendigo Beast Beasts
Worm Riftspawn Beasts
Wraith Undead Beasts
Yeti Beast Beasts
Zombie Aether Corruption Aetherials
Zombie Hound Aether Corruption Aetherials
Reanimator Aether Corruption Aetherials

Hero Creatures[]

For a complete list see here.

Hero Archetypes[]

Archetype Abilities
Bruiser takes reduced damage, deals increased damage and has a chance to stun on attacks.
Burning deals bonus fire damage and periodically activates a ring of fire around itself.
Charger periodically charges far away targets.
Corrupted periodically creates an explosion of Aether around itself and creates an aura which empowers itself and nearby allies with the Aether.
Defender creates an aura which reduces damage taken by itself and nearby allies and has a chance to stun on attack.
Diseased has an aura of poisonous fumes around itself at all times and periodically creates a field of noxious poison.
Electrified deals bonus lightning damage and periodically casts a nova of lightning orbs.
Frozen periodically launches a freezing orb and creates an aura which bestows chilling bonuses upon itself and nearby allies.
Reflective periodically creates a shield around itself which reflects a portion of all damage taken.
Regenerator creates an aura which increases health regeneration for itself and nearby allies.
Shielded periodically shields itself against magical damage and attacks with an elemental bolt.
Supporter creates an aura which increases the damage dealt by itself and nearby allies and occasionally cast a chain heal on allies.
Swift creates an aura which increases attack and movement speed for itself and nearby allies.
Unstoppable deals bonus Chaos damage and creates an aura which makes itself and nearby allies immune to all crowd control effects.
Voidtouched surrounds itself with a chaotic blaze and periodically casts chaos chain lightning. Some variants can also chaos teleport onto far away targets.

Unique Bosses[]

Act 1[]

Devil's Crossing
Lower Crossing
Foggy Bank
The Flooded Passage
Burrwitch Outskirts
East Marsh
Hidden Laboratory

Act 2[]

Arkovian Foothills
Old Arkovia
Cronley's Hideout
Twin Falls
Broken Hills
The Steps of Torment

Act 3[]

Smuggler's Pass
Deadman's Gulch
Pine Barrens
Rotting Croplands
The Blood Grove
Darkvale Gate
Port Valbury

Act 4[]

Asterkarn Road
Asterkarn Valley
Fort Ikon
Gates of Necropolis
Necropolis Interior
Bastion of Chaos

The Hidden Path[]

The Hidden Path

Act 5[]

Overgrown Cellar
Decrepit Cellar
Den of Carraxus
Den of the Ancient
The Undergrowth
Barrowholm Mine
Void's Edge
Ancient Grove

Act 6[]

Cinder Wastes
Fringes of Sanity
Burning Cellar
Malmouth Sewers
Candle District
Malmouth Harbor
Ransacked Lighthouse
Crown Hill
Sanctum of Flesh

Act 7[]

The Veiled Den
Crawling Nest
Temple of Osyr
Korvan Sands
Sandblown Ruins
Durg's Den
Sunbane Oasis
Sanctuary of Horran
Tomb of Sethan
Tomb of Ariath
Sunward Spire
  • Azaleon, Gryphon Sovereign
  • Astros the Sunherald
Remnants of Korvan City
Map Room of Rahn
Tomb of the Eldritch Sun
Throne of the Three
Lost Oasis
  • Keeper of the Seal
  • Scion of Hunger
  • Magi Anubar
  • Magi Basti
  • Magi Khonsar
  • Magi Orissia
  • Magi Sethris
  • Magi Shuroth
  • Magi Tawrot
  • Grand Magus Morgoneth

Nemesis Bosses[]

Faction Name
Faction Aetherials Icon.png Aetherials Valdaran, the Storm Scourge
Faction Cthonians Icon.png Chthonians Benn'Jhar, the Colossal
Faction Cronley's Gang Icon.png Cronley's Gang Fabius "the Unseen" Gonzar
Faction Undead Icon.png Arkovian Undead Moosilauke, the Chillwind
Faction Death's Vigil Icon.png Order of Death's Vigil Zantarin, the Eternal
Faction Kymon's Chosen Icon.png Kymon's Chosen The Iron Maiden

Ashes of Malmouth Nemesis Bosses[]

Faction Name
Faction Aetherial Vanguard Icon.png Aetherial Vanguard Archmage Aleksander
Faction Barrowholm Icon.png Barrowholm Reaper of the Lost
Faction Beasts Icon.png Beasts Kubacabra, the Endless Menace
Faction Cthonians Icon.png Chthonians Grava'Thul, the Voiddrinker

Forgotten Gods Nemesis Boss[]

Faction Name
Faction Eldritch Icon.png Eldritch Horrors Kaisan, the Eldritch Scion

Secret Bosses[]

AetherialAether CorruptionArachnidBeastBeastkinChthonicEldritch

Tier 1
Ascendant AnvilEmpty ThroneFalconHammerHarpyOwlShepherd's CrookToadWolverine
Chaos FiendGhoulJackalRatViperVultureWretch
Eldritch Akeron's ScorpionBatEye of the GuardianFoxHawkQuillRavenScholar's LightSpider
Order Assassin's BladeCraneDryadLionPantherStagTortoise
Primordial BullEelGallowsHoundImpLizardSailor's GuideTsunamiWraith
Tier 2
AfflictionAlladrah's PhoenixAmatok the Spirit of WinterAssassinAutumn BoarBard's HarpBehemothBerserkerBlades of NadaanBysmiel's BondsChariot of the DeadCrabDire BearHarvestman's ScytheHuntressHydraKrakenMagiManticoreMessenger of WarMurmur, Mistress of RumorsOklaine's LanternRevenantRhowan's CrownRhowan's ScepterScales of UlcamaShieldmaidenSolael's WitchbladeSolemn WatcherStaff of RattoshTargo the BuilderTempestTyphos, the Jailor of SoulsUlo the Keeper of the WatersWendigoWidow
Tier 3
AbominationAeon's HourglassAttak Seru, the MirageBlind SageCrossroadsDevotionDying GodIshtak, the Spring MaidenLeviathanLight of EmpyrionMogdrogen the WolfObelisk of MenhirOleronRattosh, the VeilwardenSpear of the HeavensTree of LifeUlzuin's TorchUltos, Shepherd of StormsUnknown SoldierVire, the Stone Matron