Creatures are the varieties of enemies to be encountered in the world of Grim Dawn. They may appear as typical monsters, or they can be human. Creatures of different classes may also be antagonistic toward one another.



Monster names appear in different colors, with each color indicating a certain grade or rarity of monster.

  • White: Common monsters.
  • Yellow: Uncommon, or champions. These are somewhat stronger than regular monsters and will use additional skills.
  • Orange: Hero Monsters. They will spawn randomly among regular monster packs and have an individual name and a star above their head to denote their status. They are much stronger than common or uncommon monsters and will often use special skills.
  • Lavender: Unique Boss Monsters. They usually reside in a fixed location. They may be part of a quest line or just be the resident challenge monster of an area. They are very powerful and possess several special or unique skills.
  • Red: includes Nemesis monsters (which can spawn randomly after reaching Nemesis level enemy Faction reputation) and the Secret Boss Monsters (the most powerful entities of Cairn). They are the ultimate challenge the game has to offer, and the players must be certain of their capacities before challenging one of them.

Hero CreaturesEdit

For a complete list see here.

Unique BossesEdit

Act 1Edit

Devil's Crossing Edit
Lower Crossing Edit
Foggy Bank Edit
The Flooded Passage Edit
Burrwitch Outskirts Edit
East March Edit
Hidden Laboratory Edit

Act 2Edit

Arkovian Foothills Edit
Old Arkovia Edit
Cronley's Hideout Edit
Twin Falls Edit
The Broken Hills Edit
The Steps of Torment (Rogue-Like Dungeon) Edit

Act 3Edit

Smuggler's Pass Edit
Deadman's Gulch Edit
Pine Barrens Edit
Homestead Edit
Rotting Croplands Edit
Sorrow's Bastion Edit

Noveria Stormfire (Undead)

The Blood Grove Edit
Darkvale Gate Edit

Act 4: Edit

Asterkarn Road Edit
Asterkarn Valley Edit
Fort Ikon Edit
Gates of Necropolis Edit
Necropolis Interior Edit
Bastion Of Chaos (Rogue-Like Dungeon) Edit

Hidden Path Edit

Nemesis Bosses Edit

Aetherial: Edit

Chthonian: Edit

Cronley's Gang: Edit

Undead : Edit

Order of Death Vigil: Edit

Kymon's Chosen: Edit

Secret Bosses Edit

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