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Unlike most groups of roaming bandits, Cronley's Gang appears to be highly organized and heavily armed, answering only to their self-proclaimed leader, Darius Cronley.

Having escaped Devil's Crossing Prison following the chaos that ensued after the Grim Dawn, these criminals are now intent on taking the one place in the world that once denied them their freedom. Members of Cronley's Gang are sadistic, violent and prone to acts of aggression against their fellow humans, epitomizing that perhaps the greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself.

Cronley's Gang are a class of human enemy and make up one of the enemy Factions in Grim Dawn. They are confined to Act 2 areas: Arkovian Foothills, Old Arkovia, the Four Hills and Cronley's Hideout.

Faction Rewards[]

Killing Cronley's Gang members will increase the players' negative Faction Reputation.

Faction Status Reward
Hostile: none
Despised: Extra Spawns
Hated: Additional Hero Spawns
Nemesis: Nemesis Spawns

Cronley's Gang Variants[]


  • Silas "The Skinner"
  • Halion "The Rat"
  • Dravko "The Torch"
  • "Madman" Wilcox
  • Sleyvak "The Breaker"
  • "Boomer" Slocum
  • Ashe "The Wall" Farrell
  • Leander "Blackwater" Greene
  • Bloody Jack
  • Delnar Black Eye
  • Hudson Fury
  • Nadra, the Shadow
  • Serul Shadesong
  • Wiley, the Slasher ~ Swift
  • Everett, the Bloodbound ~ Burning
  • Dred One-Eye
  • Meric Aether-Touched ~ Charger
  • Eldon "Snakeskin" ~ Regenerator




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