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The very essence of the Eldritch Realm is for Solael to mold as he sees fit, and he shares this knowledge with his loyal servants. But such power does not come without sacrifice. Some must die so that others can bask in his glory, the ultimate display of loyalty.

The worshippers of Solael would pay any price to taste of Solael's gifts. They say that the Eldritch Fire is without equal and worth spilling a little blood, even if it has to be the blood of their own...or their allies.

The Cult of Solael is an allied Faction within Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods.

Headquarters: Conclave of the Three

Reputation gained from:


The Witch Gods are said to wield unfathomable powers. Their followers worship them in the hopes of getting a mere taste of this vast potential. Naturally, the Erulan emperors did not approve of such heresy and the Luminari were dispatched to exterminate any that defy the commands of the throne and the faith of Empyrion.

But the Witch Gods are clever, their covens well hidden. For centuries, their worshippers have evaded capture. They worked from the shadows, secretly manipulating the empire’s citizens and growing their numbers.

When the Grim Dawn struck, all of humanity paid the price for the hubris of the Gildam Arcanum arcanists, the Witch God cults included. Yet it was their efforts to evade the Luminari that spared them the brunt of the initial carnage. The cults receded to their hidden places to tend to their wounds and recover their strength. All the while, the Witch Gods plotted their next move...

But cosmic forces are at play that go beyond just the conflict between the Aetherials and the Chthonians. Forgotten powers are stirring in the celestial vale. Powers that threaten even the Witch Gods themselves. And so, in an unprecedented move, the cults have gathered as one. No longer divided by their devotion, they became unified in a singular purpose: to halt the return of the cataclysm that ravaged the Korvan lands.



  1. Sandclaw Matriarchs
  2. Animated Preservers
  3. Korvaak's Champion
  4. Razorfeather
  5. Varnox
  6. Grimmaw
  7. Avronath
  8. Reynar
  9. Keynen
  10. Guardian Yaharum
  11. Ulazor
  12. Specter
  13. Brother Segarius
  14. Sister Crimson
  15. Korvan Titanovore
  16. Azaleon

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