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Deadman's Gulch
Deadman's Gulch Icon.png
Location Info
Act: 3
Riftgate: Yes
Adjacent: Smuggler's Pass

Mountain Deeps

Quests: A Timely Arrival
Too Late for Rescue

Deadman's Gulch is a small Act 3 area. It has a Riftgate and connects to Smuggler's Pass and the Mountain Deeps.

To the east can be found a gully full of Aetherfire. Halfway along the gully there is a trail branching off to a small side area with several Manticores. It terminates in a mine entrance leading to The Immolation, which is unlocked during the Legion Retribution Act 4 side-quest.


  • Mine Entrance - Sealed by the Black Legion.



  • Ulgrim
  • Collin Taverin
  • Beatrice Summers
  • Rob Halloway
  • Tricia Windborough
  • Taris Windborough
  • Emily Larkson


Aether Corruption:


  • Mistborn Brute
  • Mistborn Hunter
  • Mistborn Warrior
  • Mistborn Elder
  • Stonewart Troll


  • Manticore Whitemane
  • Manticore Wastestalker



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