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Desolate Wastes
Ashen Waste.png
Location Info
Act: 5
Riftgate: no
Adjacent: Altar of Rattosh
Void's Edge
Quests: n/a

The Desolate Wastes is a world area in Act 5 and connects to the Void's Edge. The area forms part of the Ch'thonic Void and can be accessed by a Chthonic Rift at the Altar of Rattosh in Ugdenbog.

The player cannot cast a personal rift while in the Desolate Wastes and must find another Chthonic Rift to exit.


  • One-Shot Chest - 3 possible spawn points on the north, east and western edges.
  • Hidden Trove (see player's position on the map below)



  • Voidfiend
  • Voidfiend Incinerator
  • Voidfiend Hellion
  • Voidlurker
  • Voidlurker - Blightbearer
  • Chthonian Hungerer
  • Chthonian Devourer
  • Chthonian Gorger
  • Void Parasite
  • Void Leech
  • Chthonian Harbinger
  • Obsidian Shaleborn
  • Obsidian Defiler
  • Obsidian Ravager
  • Chthonian Harbinger
  • Chthonian Servitor
  • Chthonian Harvester
  • Chthonian Bloodkeeper
  • Chthonian Dreadguard
  • Cthonian Tyrant


  •  ? (Obsidian)
  • Obsidus, the Titan (Obsidian)


Desolate Wastes Map.jpg

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