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Devotion is a system of skills that serves as an extra layer of character development. The devotion system lets the player earn devotion points by restoring shrines found throughout the game world, and spend the devotion points to unlock various bonuses and abilities from a number of constellations.

Earning devotion points[]

Devotion points are unlocked by finding and restoring various shrines scattered throughout the game world.

  • Ruined Shrines can be repaired, which requires the use of rare materials or various components.
  • Corrupted Shrines can be purified, which requires activating the shrine, releasing the monsters that corrupt it, and defeating them all.

Restoring a shrine grants a single devotion point. A total of 50 devotion points can be obtained across three difficulty levels (55 with the Ashes of Malmouth expansion). Devotion points are spent within the devotion window, which is accessed through the skill window.

Devotion points can also be purchased in The Crucible by using tributes. The amount of tributes required to purchase devotion points goes up as the character obtain more devotion points.

Spending devotion points[]

Devotion points can be spent to unlock stars in a constellation. Each star provides a passive bonus, which can include attributes, damage, resistances, and so on. Completing a constellation grants an affinity bonus, which is then used to unlock higher-level constellations.


Each constellation is aligned with a combination of affinities:

Ascendant Ascendant: Ascendant beings have risen to godlike status through immense feats or reverence from their lessers.
Chaos Chaos: Chaotic beings crave entropy and destruction above all else.
Eldritch Eldritch: Eldritch beings represent the wild forces of magic and the metaphysical realms beyond the veil.
Order Order: Beings of order cherish harmony and balance in all things.
Primordial Primordial: Primordial beings embody the powers of creation, life, death, and reality itself.

Celestial Powers[]

Some constellations provide special bonuses known as celestial powers. Celestial powers (50 in total, 55 in AoM) are unique skills that can be linked to normal mastery or item skills, and have a chance to trigger off the skill as a secondary effect. Celestial powers also earn experience, increasing the skill level as they are used. They can also be changed at any time within the devotion window, and any experience earned is saved, although powers will not earn experience while they are not assigned to skills.

Assigning celestial powers[]

A skill can only have one celestial power assigned to it at a time, but there is no hard limit on how many different skills have secondary effects. Celestial powers can also be linked to granted skills from equipment and components; should a piece of equipment be switched out, the skill assignment will remain, but the celestial power will no longer be active or gain experience.

With skills that summon multiple pets (e. g. Thermite Mines, Wind Devils), celestial powers will have their cooldowns shared for the entire summoned group.

Refunding devotion points[]

Devotion points can be refunded with the assistance of spirit guides, however a constellation cannot be undone if it grants an affinity bonus needed for another constellation that has points invested. Constellations can support themselves if they grant the affinity they require, allowing you to refund devotion points from constellations used to reach them. Devotion points can also be completely reset by using a Tonic of Clarity, which can drop only from Nemesis bosses.

You can also freely refund points immediately after assigning them by clicking the Undo button at the top of the screen (so long as you haven't closed the Devotion screen and confirmed your selections).

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