Quest dynamite
“A crude explosive once fielded by demolitionists to counter the devastating powers of magic users.”

Dynamite is an item used primarily used at Detonation Sites to open up various areas in the game world. It is also used to open Treasure Trove chests and to Dismantle items at the Inventor.

Dynamite is required for the quest Dangerous Curiosity.


Dynamite can be found in the following locations:

Staunton Mine (x1)
Hanneffy Mine (x1)
Four Hills (x1)
Cronley's Hideout (x2)
Tyrant's Hold (x2)
The Conflagration (x2)
The Immolation (x2)
Stonerend Quarry (x2)
Fort Haron (x2)
Fort Ikon Armory (x1)
Darkvale Gate (x2)
Malmouth Harbor (x1)
Ransacked Lighthouse (x1)

Additional Dynamite can be found randomly in Scrap Piles in Mines and the Outlaw camps atop the Four Hills. The Unique Boss "Moneybags" Martin may also drop Dynamite when slain.

Blueprint Edit

Dynamite can also be crafted by Valdrick, the Legion Blacksmith at Homestead.

Aether Shard Icon Aether Shard (1)
Searing Ember Complete Searing Ember (1)
Scavenged Plating Complete Scavenged Plating (1)
Dynamite Icon Dynamite (3)

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