Elara's Journal

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This is a note found on the ground at the Rover camp in the Rotting Croplands. It provides some background to the Trapped and Alone quest.

Had the nightmare again. I am in an old tomb, barely a candle to light the way. Off in the corner I see a pair of red glowing eyes. They come closer...closer...then just before I can make out what it is through the shadows, the creature is gone.

I try to run, but every way I go ends in rubble and stone. There is no escape. I turn around to see the eyes once more, staring back at me. I hear laughter, a child's laughter. Then everything is fire. I try to scream, but nothing comes out. The eyes just stare ahead as I writhe in the flames.

That is when I awaken, drenched in sweat. It has been like this for five nights in a row. The nightmares are becoming more frequent and I am not sure how much more of this I can stand. It may not be wise, but perhaps it is time we moved on from this wretched place.