Fateweaver's Mantle

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Fateweaver's Mantle is a Legendary Shoulder Armor.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Fateweaver's Mantle Icon.png

Fateweaver's Mantle

"The strands of fate, like an endless weave, intertwine and fray with the passing ages of man."
Legendary Shoulder Armor
750 Armor

6 Aether Damage
+35% Aether Damage
+28% Elemental Damage
+24 Offensive Ability
18% Elemental Resistance
6% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
+3 to Mirror of Ereoctes
+2 to Nullification
+2 to Death Sentence

Granted Skills

Fade from Reality (Granted by Item)
When a foe lands a particularly crippling blow, the protective nature of this mantle will fade you out of the physical realm so that you can recover. Requires a Caster Off-Hand.
Activates when Health drops below 45%
65 Second Skill Recharge
5 Second Duration
Increases Health Regeneration by 100%
+20% Movement Speed
100% Physical Resistance
200% Pierce Resistance

Required Player Level: 50
Required Physique: 290
Item Level: 50

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