Fevered Rage (Skill)

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Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png   Fevered Rage
Mastery: Occultist
Tier: 4
Skill Type: Transmuter
Max. Level: 1
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Bloody Pox (Skill) Icon.png Bloody Pox
Bloody Pox (Skill) Icon.png

Bloody Pox

01/12 33 Energy Cost
5 Second Duration
3 Vitality Damage
3-5% Reduction to Enemy's Health
3 Bleeding Damage per Second

12/12 104 Energy Cost
47 Vitality Damage
9-13% Reduction to Enemy's Health
60 Bleeding Damage per Second

This transmutation of Pox can be as dangerous to the Occultist as to the foe. The plague will progress rapidly, more than doubling its damage, but as the afflicted burn with fever, they will become crazed, moving with unnatural speed and attacking with berserker fury that makes them both more deadly and more vulnerable.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.9.0

Level Stats
1/1 13-19% Reduction to Enemy's Health
Total Damage Modified by 40%
+25% Offensive Ability
-25% Defensive Ability
+150% Total Speed
-35% Skill Energy Cost

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