Fiend Constellation Icon
The fiend hides in the darkness of the void, hungry for wayward stars to extinguish.

Affinity Required:

Chaos Icon   1

Affinity Bonus:

Chaos Icon   2
Eldritch Icon   3

Fiend is a tier one Chaos Constellation, located at the left side of the devotion window.


1 +15% Fire Damage
+15% Chaos Damage
2 +10 Spirit
Bonus to All Pets: +25% Fire Damage
3 8% Chaos Resistance
4 +24% Fire Damage
+24% Chaos Damage
Bonus to All Pets: +40% Fire Damage
5 Flame Torrent (25% on Attack)
x% Weapon Damage
x Fire Damage
x Chaos Damage
x Burn Damage over 3 seconds
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