Francis' Note is a note found on a dead body inside a house in Lower Crossing.

I'm trapped here... I realize now, I will die in this house. Margaret, I fear that you are already dead and so it may not be so bad if I am shortly to join you. If by some miracle, you yet live and return here to find this note, please know that I am not angry with you. I've never regretted our life together but now only regret that I lost my temper and spoke unkind words when last we parted.

I hope you will not think me a coward for what I am about to do. They are already in the house. I've barricaded myself in this room but it is only a matter of time before they break through. All I can do now is choose the manner in which I face death and I would rather die a man than be changed into one of those horrid things or eaten alive. I will love you always...