Frostburn Damage is a type of duration damage associated with Cold Damage. Spirit increases Frostburn damage at a rate of 0.33% per point.



Lethal Gambit (Skill) Icon.png Lethal Gambit: Deals frostburn damage

  • Amarasta's Blade Burst (Skill) Icon.png Amarasta's Blade Burst: Adds +% frostburn damage to Lethal Gambit

Pneumatic Burst (Skill) Icon.png Pneumatic Burst

  • Elemental Awakening (Skill) Icon.png Elemental Awakening: Adds frostburn damage and +% frostburn damage while Pneumatic Burst is active

Shadow Strike (Skill) Icon.png Shadow Strike

  • Nightfall (Skill) Icon.png Nightfall: Adds frostburn damage to Shadow Strike

Merciless Repertoire (Skill) Icon.png Merciless Repertoire: Adds +% frostburn damage


Iskandra's Elemental Exchange (Skill) Icon.png Iskandra's Elemental Exchange

  • Overload (Skill) Icon.png Overload: 35% chance of adding frostburn damage to Iskandra's Elemental Exchange effect
  • Elemental Balance (Skill) Icon.png Elemental Balance: Adds +% frostburn damage to Iskandra's Elemental Exchange

Olexra's Flash Freeze (Skill) Icon.png Olexra's Flash Freeze

  • Absolute Zero (Skill) Icon.png Absolute Zero: Adds frostburn damage to Olexra's Flash Freeze

Trozan's Sky Shard (Skill) Icon.png Trozan's Sky Shard

  • Frozen Core (Skill) Icon.png Frozen Core: Adds frostburn damage to Trozan's Sky Shard

Star Pact (Skill) Icon.png Star Pact: Adds +% frostburn damage while active


Stormcaller's Pact (Skill) Icon.png Stormcaller's Pact: Adds +% frostburn damage while active


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