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  • In case you need some help with editing pages, Wikipedia's "How to edit a page" and "Tutorial" articles are great sources of information.
  • Gamepedia Help Wiki is another great resource for editing tips.
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  • {{Patchver}} should be used on pages so that viewers know the current version of stats/information.
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Page Templates[]

Various page types have a blank page template which can be copy/pasted to a new page and then the details added. Templates used within these pages (such as infoboxes) have their own page you can visit for more information.

Feel free to message an admin if you have any questions!

Things To Do[]


Locate stubs and leaving {{stub}} on the top of the page.

Update and add information in stub pages.


Mastery Skills and Devotions need updating for patch v1.0.0.7.


formulas also need updating for v1.0.0.7.