Gunslinger's Talisman is an Empowered Relic.

This item can be acquired only by crafting. A Blueprint is required and can be purchased from the Devil's Crossing Faction Quartermaster.


Gunslinger's Talisman Relic Icon

Gunslinger's Talisman

"A symbol of expertise in the art of firing two pistols at the same time with lethal accuracy."
Empowered Relic

10% Chance of 26-43 Piercing Damage
+10% Pierce Damage
+24 Cunning
15% Pierce Resistance

Granted Skills

Volley (Granted by Item)
Unleash a calculated volley of bullets at your target. This is a ranged dual-wielding or two-handed technique. Also enables the ability to dual wield ranged weapons.
5% Chance to be Used
80% Weapon Damage
78 Piercing Damage

Required Player Level: 25
Item Level: 28

Completion BonusesEdit

+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Spirit
+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+10% Physical Damage
+8% Pierce Damage
+10% Fire Damage
+10% Cold Damage
+10% Lightning Damage
+10% Acid Damage
+10% Vitality Damage
+5% Aether Damage
+10% Chaos Damage
+10% Bleeding Damage
+13% Poison Damage
+13% Internal Trauma Damage
+13% Burn Damage
+13% Frostburn Damage
+13% Electrocute Damage
+13% Vitality Decay Damage
+3% Offensive Ability

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