Hellborne is a Legendary two-handed ranged weapon.


Hellborne Icon


"The barrel spews forth the fury of the seven hells."
Legendary Two-Handed Ranged
79-105 Physical Damage
28% Armor Piercing
Speed: Very Slow

225 Burn Damage over 3 Seconds
+122% Fire Damage
+122% Burn Damage with +100% Increased Duration
30% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
+22% Attack Speed
3000 Burn Retaliation over 3 Seconds
+2 to Explosive Strike
+2 to all skills in Demolitionist

Granted Skills

Wave of Fire (15% Chance on Attack)
A wave of scorching flame emanates from you in a destructive path.
1 Second Skill Recharge
10 Meter Range
144-253 Fire Damage
440 Burn Damage over 2 Seconds

Required Player Level: 65
Required Cunning: 384
Item Level: 65

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