The Herald of the Flame is a unique boss creature that can be found in The Conflagration. It must be destroyed to access the cannons required for the Lost Armaments quest.

The Boss fight is divided in two phases. In the first, the Herald is anchored to the ground, attacking the player and summoning Fleshwarped Mutants.

Once 50% of it's health bar is depleted, the boss releases itself, flies over the battlefield and summons Flesh Hulk.

Family: Aetherial

Genus: Aether Obelisk

Stage 1 (Anchored Form) Edit

Abilities Edit

Resistances Edit

Stage 2 (Flying Form) Edit

GD Herald Of The Flame

Abilities Edit

  • Zap
  • Aether Strike
  • Despair Aura
  • Vindictive Aether
  • Summon Flesh Hulk
  • Flame Wave
  • Aether Slam
  • Claw Spin
  • Aether Conflagration

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Notable Drops Edit

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