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Hidden Wealth
Hidden Wealth.png
Quest Info
Given by: None
Location: Rotting Croplands
Faction: None
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: None
Unlocks: One-Shot Chest
Rewards: XP, Note

This is a small Act 3 side quest, activated when you find The Last Will of Marthos Everbrook on a corpse inside a house in either the Infested Farms or the Rotting Croplands.

The Will details the location of some buried treasure and will lead to a One-Shot Chest.


  • Seek out the Hidden Treasure


The corpse bearing the Last Will of Marthos Everbrook spawns in one of four locations (see map below). The Hidden Wealth is located on the upper western edge of the Rotting Croplands. A quest marker will be visible on the map as you draw near. You will need to place 1 Dynamite at the Detonation Site to uncover the chest; the quest concludes when it is opened.

Note that the Detonation Site only appears after the quest is activated.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5500 18000 34000

Quest Log[]

Quest log

You have found an old will describing the location of a treasure buried somewhere in the hills west of Homestead. Some notes written along the bottom indicate that you will need explosives. This seems worth investigating further.


  • Seek out the Hidden Treasure


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