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Whenever trouble would strike the northern farmlands, the farmers and their families would rally at Homestead. This sense of community has proven more important than ever as humanity faces extinction.

With assistance from the Black Legion, Homestead was turned into a veritable fortress, a place of relative safety in a world ravaged by death; but with powerful enemies encroaching from every direction, some are beginning to wonder if entrenching in a fixed location was a wise decision.

While the Black Legion obsesses over the Aetherials and the Chthonians, the people of Homestead are focused on a threat much closer to home: the voracious Dermapteran swarm, which has spread rampantly and now infests their abandoned fields.

Homestead is an allied Faction within Grim Dawn. The player first encounters them in Act 3 at Homestead.

Headquarters: Homestead

Reputation gained from:

  • killing Beasts
  • Quests
  • Bounties


  1. Harvestmen
  2. Weavils
  3. Aetherial Vanguard
  4. Manticore Alphas
  5. Briarthorns
  6. Dominators
  7. Stonewart Trolls
  8. The Maneater
  9. Marrowdrinker
  10. The Locust
  11. Vizier Haxin
  12. The Lifedrinker
  13. Phabius
  14. Cavern Crawlers
  15. Scrap
  16. The Gloomweaver
  17. The Deepdweller
  18. The Grand Viziers
  19. Queen Ravna
  20. Bloodfeast

Faction Equipment[]

Dermapteran Oil Icon.png
Dermapteran Oil
Courageous Tincture Icon.png
Courageous Tincture
Solar Edge Icon.png
Solar Edge
Solar Revolver Icon.png
Solar Revolver
Harvest's Double Barrel Icon.png
Harvest's Double-Barrel
Solar Sledge Icon.png
Solar Sledge
Harvest's Guard Icon.png
Harvest's Guard
Harvest's Tome Icon.png
Harvest's Tome
Harvest's Ledger Icon.png
Harvest's Ledger
Solar Codex Icon.png
Solar Codex
Harvest's Helm Icon.png
Harvest's Helm
Solar Defender Icon.png
Solar Defender
Harvest Grips Icon.png
Harvest Grips
Harvest Handguards Icon.png
Harvest Handguards
Harvest Footpads Icon.png
Harvest Footpads
Harvest Greaves Icon.png
Harvest Greaves
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Lunar Sledge
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Solar Belt
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Solar Waistguard
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Solar Girdle
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Harvest's Defender
Blueprint 3 epic.tex.png
Blueprint: Omen
Voidvine Powder Icon.png
Voidvine Powder
Potent Voidvine Powder Icon.png
Potent Voidvine Powder
Stonetusk Hoof Icon.png
Stonetusk Hoof
Potent Stonetusk Hoof Icon.png
Potent Stonetusk Hoof
Dermapteran Chitin Icon.png
Dermapteran Chitin
Potent Dermapteran Chitin Icon.png
Potent Dermapteran Chitin
Raincaller Powder Icon.png
Raincaller Powder
Potent Raincaller Powder Icon.png
Potent Raincaller Powder
Beast Tamer's Powder Icon.png
Beast Tamer's Powder
Potent Beast Tamer's Powder Icon.png
Potent Beast Tamer's Powder
Harvest Venom Seal Icon.png
Harvest Venom Seal
Harvest Blade Seal Icon.png
Harvest Blade Seal
Solar Channelling Stone Icon.png
Solar Channelling Stone
Harvester Stone Icon.png
Harvester Stone
Thundering Gem Icon.png
Thundering Gem
Nature's Harvest Icon.png
Nature's Harvest
Potent Nature's Harvest Icon.png
Potent Nature's Harvest
Solar Radiance Icon.png
Solar Radiance
Potent Solar Radiance Icon.png
Potent Solar Radiance
Menhir's Blessing Icon.png
Menhir's Blessing
Potent Menhir's Blessing Icon.png
Potent Menhir's Blessing
Beastlord's Calling Icon.png
Beastlord's Calling
Potent Beastlord's Calling Icon.png
Potent Beastlord's Calling
Writ of Homestead
Mandate of Homestead


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