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Homestead Icon.png
Location Info
Act: 3
Riftgate: Yes
Adjacent: Withering Fields
The Conflagration
Thornsbury Farm
Fallow Fields
Quests: Many
This page concerns the Location. For the Faction, see Homestead (Faction).

Homestead is a stronghold of the Black Legion and serves as the main town or hub in Act 3. the area has a Riftgate and connects with the Withering Fields, The Conflagration, Thornsbury Farm and the Fallow Fields.




Homestead has several sections in a state of disrepair; these can be restored over time by completing various quests.



Service NPCs[]

  • Isaiah Reddan ~ Specialty Goods (If you didn't kill him in Act 2)
  • Morris Burton ~ Salvage Dealer
  • Whitfield ~ Quartermaster
  • Valdrick ~ Legion Smith
  • Thorne ~ Quartermaster
  • Hannah ~ Smuggler
  • Chef Brackham

Quest NPCs[]


  • Josephine Reddan (If you didn't kill her in Act 2)
  • Beatrice Summers
  • Rob Halloway
  • Collin Taverin
  • Daila Thornsbury
  • Oliver Thornsbury
  • Lisa Thornsbury
  • Henry Elmsworth
  • Alex Elmsworth
  • Maria Oldbarrow
  • Dean Oldbarrow
  • Denny Oldbarrow
  • Tricia Windborough
  • Taris Windborough
  • Emily Larkson
  • Black Legion Footman
  • Black legion Marksman
  • Homestead Farmer


Homestead Overhead.jpg

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