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Iskandra's Balance is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Iskandra's Balance Relic Icon.png

Iskandra's Balance

"The first lesson every aspiring must learn is to find a balance in the raw forces of magic that surround us all."
Mythical Relic

+86% Elemental Damage
25% Chance of:
  +200% Fire Damage
  +200% Cold Damage
  +200% Lightning Damage
  +200% Burn Damage
  +200% Frostburn Damage
  +200% Electrocute Damage
+64 Spirit
+5% Total Speed
-10% Skill Energy Cost
+1 to All Skills in Arcanist

Granted Skills

Elemental Balance (33% Chance on Critical Attack)
Suffering harm disrupts your careful balance between the elements, unleashing a surge of power that will make your foes regret ever coming near you.
15 Second Skill Recharge
8 Second Duration
33-55 Elemental Damage
+18% Crit Damage
+300% Elemental Damage
+300% Burn Damage
+300% Frostburn Damage
+300% Electrocute Damage
765 Burn Retaliation over 3 Seconds
0.5 Seconds of Freeze Retaliation

Required Player Level: 70
Item Level: 70

Completion Bonuses[]

+1 to Overload
+1 to Inferno
+1 to Distortion
+1 to Elemental Balance
+1 to Inferno
+1 to Absolute Zero
+1 to Absolute Zero
+1 to Disintegration
+1 to Conversion
+1 to Star Pact
+1 to Supercharged
+1 to Frozen Core
+1 to Proliferation
+1 to Shattered Star
+1 to Disintegration
+1 to Star Pact
+1 to Frozen Core
+1 to Absolute Zero
+1 to Shattered Star
+1 to Elemental Balance

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