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Items in Grim Dawn come in many different categories and have varying levels of quality.

Item types[]

Item quality[]

Item quality indicates the rarity of an item and determines the stats and bonuses an item will have. While items of higher quality are harder to find, it does not mean higher-quality items are always better for your character.

Grim Dawn uses a color code similar to Titan Quest to indicate the rarity of items.

Main qualities[]

  • Broken items (Grey)
    • Broken items are low-quality versions of common items. Unlike in Titan Quest, in Grim Dawn broken items vanish when dropped.
  • Common items (White)
    • Common items are the most easily found, and drop frequently from monsters and containers. Although it is rare, some white items can have magical properties.
  • Magical items (Gold/Orange)
    • Uncommon items that have standard magical attributes. They usually have one or two affixes that indicate which attributes they will have.
  • Rare items (Green)
    • Rare items can have the same attributes as magical items, however they also have more powerful affixes that are exclusive to them.
      Monster infrequents can also be found with this level of quality. Monster infrequents lack the affixes but have their own attributes.
  • Epic items (Blue)
    • Encompasses Unique Items and Item Sets. Unlike lower quality items, Epic items do not have a base item type or random affixes. Rather, they have their own unique properties and stats. They also have unique names and item art.
  • Legendary items (Purple)
    • Another tier of unique items, of higher quality and rarity than Epic items. These are the rarest items in the game.

Miscellaneous qualities[]

  • Grey - Iron Bits.
  • Lavender - quest items, crafting materials and notes come in this color.
  • Orange - components, blueprints and recipes appear as this color.
  • Light Yellow - higher grade (Rare) components.
  • Cyan - relics.
  • Olive green - augments.
  • Red - consumables such as potions; they appear red until they are picked up by the player.

Item Level[]

Item level indicates the minimum required level of monster or chest from which a particular item will drop (and is sometimes different to the level needed for the player to equip). Item level also determines the level of affixes that an item can have.

Many items have several different possible item levels, enabling the player to make use of them throughout the the game - notably monster infrequents and quest reward items. Epic items below level 50 also have higher-level "Empowered" versions and even higher "Mythical" versions AoM.

Stat deviation[]

In Grim Dawn, item stats, affixes and bonuses will often come with random stat deviation. A stat will have an intrinsic base value, which is then subject to a % deviation up or down. Hence if a stat has a base value of +100 and a deviation of 30%, it can roll anywhere between +70 and +130. In addition, stats will always round down.

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