Ruby of Elemental BalanceRuination (relic)Runed Dagger of Dreeg
Runed Stone of MogdrogenRunestoneRunic Bracers
Sacred Ashes of EmpyrionSacred Hammer of Eternal WrathSacred Strike (Granted by Item)
Sacred Talisman (relic)Sacred Texts of MenhirSacrifice (relic)
SahdinaSailor's GuideSalazar's Sovereign Blade
Salazar, Blade of Ch'thonSalt-core BolterSanctified Bone
Sanctuary (relic)Sanctum of the ImmortalSapphire of Elemental Balance
Sash of the BloodlordSavage (relic)Savagery (Skill)
Scaled HideScales of UlcamaScars of Battle (Skill)
Scavenged PlatingSceptersScholar's Light
Scorcher's ArchiveScorpion's Sting (25% on Attack)Scourge (relic)
ScrapScribe Osteram's NotesScythe of Tenebris
Seal of the Blazing InfernoSeal of the LoghorreanSeal of the Royal Crown
Sealed InSeals of BindingSearing Ember
Searing Light (Skill)Searing Might (Skill)Searing Strike (Skill)
Second Rite (Skill)Secret AreasSecret Work
Secrets of the LostSecuring BurrwitchSeeking the Order
Sentinel's SealSerpentine WrapsSerrated Shell
Serrated SpikeService Beyond DeathSevered Claw
Shaded BasinShadeleather LeggingsShadow's Grasp
Shadow Dance (Skill)Shadow Strike (Skill)Shadowspark Hood
Shadowstalker's BeltShamanShar'Zul's Furnace
Shar'Zul's IncineratorShar'Zul, Harbinger of ChaosShar'Zul Worldeater
Sharanatu, Harbinger of the VoidShard of AsterkarnShard of Beronath
Shard of CommandShard of MenhirSharpshooter's Bolt Rifle
Sharpshooter's CoatSharpshooter's Glass EyeSharpshooter's Mark
Sharpshooter's PouchShattered Star (Skill)Shellshock Epaulets
Shepherd's Call (25% on Attack)Shepherd's CrookShield Slam (Granted by Item)
Shield Training (Skill)Shield Wall (33% on Attack)Shield of Perdition
ShieldmaidenShieldmaiden's GuardShields
Shoulder ArmorShoulderguard of the ParagonShoulderguards of Perdition
Shrine of the Forgotten GodShrinesShroud of Dreeg
Shroud of IllusionSiegebreakerSigil of Consumption (Skill)
Sigil of the Bear KingSigil of the DepravedSignet of Valiance
Signet of the DamnedSignet of the FallenSilas
Silk SwatchSilktouch HandwrapsSilver Spread (Granted by Item)
SilverboltSilvercore BoltsSister's Amulet of Lifegiving
Sister Bravna, the SkybreakerSkeleton Key (quest item)Skinflayer Raiment
Skinner's TorchSkinner Family SealSkittering Den
Skull of Gul'AmashSkybreach BulwarkSkyfire Grenado (Skill)
Skyreach SashSkyshard SpellbladeSlam (Granted by Item)
Slathra, the PlaguedSlaughter (relic)Slime Bolter
SlithSlith AltarSlith Necklace
Slith Primal RingSlithbaneSlithscale Legwraps
SlithtongueSmugglerSmuggler's Basin
Smuggler's PassSodden HollowSoiled Trousers
Solael's Decimation (relic)Solael's Flame (Granted by Item)Solael's Witchblade
Solael's Witchfire (Skill)Solael-Sect LegguardsSoldier
Solemn WatcherSomething for NothingSorrow's Bastion
Soul's TouchSoul PendantSoul Shard
SoulbearerSoulbinder's ChainsSoulcarver
SoulflayerSoulthiefSpark of Ultos
Sparkbolt ArbalestSparkstone ScepterSpaulders of Mogdrogen
Speaker for the DeadSpear of the Heavens (50% when Hit)Spear of the Heavens (constellation)
Spectral ArbalestSpectral Battle AxeSpectral Bludgeon
Spectral CrownSpectral LongswordSpectral War Shield
Spectral WarmaulSpellbinder's GripSpellfire Wand
Spellsage BootsSpellweave LegwrapsSpellweaver
Spellwoven ThreadsSpiderSpidersilk Hauberk
SpinecarverSpined CarapaceSpined Cove
Spirit GuideSpirit of MogdrogenSpiritbane Ointment
SpiritcrusherSpiriteater BulwarkSpiritstone Charm
Spiritweaver CircletSquad Tactics (Skill)Squall (relic)
Stake-ThrowerStar Pact (Skill)Star of Frozen Skies
StarfireStatic Charge (Granted by Item)Static Strike (Skill)
Staunton MineStealth Jacket of the Blind AssassinStephen Skinner
Stirring HiveStone Form (15% on Block)Stonefist Rebuke
Stonerend QuarryStoneskin GirdleStonewrought Groundbreakers
Storm's EdgeStorm ScionStorm Spirit (Skill)
Storm Surge (Skill)Storm Totem (Skill)Storm Touched (Skill)
Stormcaller's CircletStormcaller's EffigyStormcaller's Gem
Stormcaller's Pact (Skill)Stormcaller's SpellbladeStormheart
StormreaverStormseeker's SabreStormshroud Ointment
Stormtitan TreadsStormtouched ChainsStormtrap
Stun Jacks (Skill)SufferingSummon Briarthorn (Skill)
Summon Familiar (Skill)Summon Hellhound (Skill)Sunken Reliquary
Supercharged (Skill)Surcoat of MogdrogenSwampdweller's Legguards
Swarm Queen RavnaSwarming HatcherySwarming Hive
SwordsSybil HartSymbol of Solael
Tainted Blade of Nera'ValTainted Brain MatterTainted Eruption (15% on Attack)
Tainted HoundTainted Power (Skill)Tale of Two Blacksmiths
Targo's Hammer (25% on Block)Targo the BuilderTemper (Skill)
TempestTempest SigilTempest of the Void
Templar's FaithTemplar's HeadguardTemplar's Leg Armor
Temple of the ThreeTemporal ArcbladeTemporal Tempest
Tenacity of the Boar (Skill)Terrify (Skill)Terrifying Gaze (Skill)
Terror (relic)Terror of the GroveTeselon - Electrified
That Good Old Slith CharmThe AdversaryThe Aetherial Farm
The Aetherial WitchThe AmalgamationThe Amalgamation (note)
The ApothecaryThe Arachnid's EmbraceThe Arcane Storm
The AttendantThe Bane of CairnThe Bath House
The Black LegionThe Black Legion's FinestThe Black Sepulcher
The Blood FlowsThe Blood GroveThe Bone Pit
The Burial CaveThe Burial Cave (Burrwitch Outskirts)The Burial Cave (Lower Crossing)
The Call of BloodThe ClairvoyantThe Conduit
The ConflagrationThe CrucibleThe Deathmark
The Depths of Old ArkoviaThe Door has OpenedThe Eastern Pledge
The EyeThe Farmstead LiberatorThe Final March
The Final SealThe Final StopThe Flooded Passage
The Forsaken WastesThe GladiatorThe Gloomwald Stash
The GloomweaverThe Groble TyrantThe Gruesome Harvest
The GuillotineThe HarbingerThe Hidden Path
The Hidden Path - BysmielThe Hidden Path - DesecratedThe Hidden Path - Dreeg
The Hidden Path - SolaelThe HuntsmanThe Immolation
The InquisitorThe Inventor's ApprenticeThe Iron Maiden
The Ironclad ChefThe Journal of Duke CavanilThe Last Will of Marthos Everbrook
The LocustThe Lost CaravanThe Lost Elder
The MediatorThe MessengerThe Necropolis
The Northern WyrmThe Old DumpThe Origin of the Slith
The OutcastThe Outcast's RevengeThe Paragon of Arcanum
The PraetorianThe Prophet's CallThe Runes Fall Silent
The Sacred AshesThe Sacred Ashes (Death's Vigil)The Sacred Ashes (Kymon's Chosen)
The Sacred Balance
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