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The Loghorrean, the Voice of Ch'thon is a unique Boss creature located in the Edge of Madness.

He is the final boss for Act 4 and must be killed to access the next difficulty and complete The Bane of Cairn quest.

The fight is divided into 3 phases:

  1. with Ulgrim fighting at the player's side.
  2. when Loghorrean is at 65% health, Ulgrim is consumed by the void and two Loghorrean's Vanguard (Hero monsters) are summoned.
  3. at 50% Health Loghorrean gains a 10% cast and attack speed increase and starts casting Summon Void.

Family: Chthonic

Genus: Voice of Ch'Thon

Quotes[ | ]

  • "You say this thing has been summoned before?" - Player
    • "Yes, many centuries ago, at the Battle of Ikon. Nobody knows for sure whether it was the Carineans performing a last desperate maneuver, or perhaps the Loghorrean was drawn to all the spilled blood, but the results were catastrophic." - Ulgrim

Abilities[ | ]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Passive 509-675 (Lvl 50) to 954-1265 (Lvl 85) Physical Damage with 15% chance of 15% Increased Damage
8% to 20% chance of 40% increased Physical damage
15% chance of 50% increased Physical damage
75 (Lvl 50) to 208 (Lvl 85) Chaos Damage
8% to 20% chance of 30% increased Chaos damage
20% Increased Damage against Eldritch and Magical races
Roar of Madness AoE 35 Meter Radius
-(20 to 40)% Current Life
(0-3) Seconds of Confusion
(0-2.2) Seconds of Stun
Chaos Barrage Projectile 3 Meter Radius
x Fire Damage
x Chaos Damage
Doom Bolt (Phase 2) 1.5 Meter radius
x Chaos Damage
x Vitality Damage
-(8 to 18)% Current Life
Summon Devourers (Phase 1) Pet Lives for 30 Seconds
(3-6) summon limit
Summon Dreadguards (Phase 2)

Summon Tentacle

Summon Void (9-12) Second Duration
x Chaos Damage
-2-4% Current Life
(25-40)% Chance of Impaired Aim for 2 Seconds
Chomp x chaos Damage
-18 - (25 to 75)% current life
(500 to 1000) Life Leech
Acid Vomit Projectile (4 to 9) projectiles
x Physical Damage
x Chaos Damage
x Acid Damage
x Poison Damage over 5 Seconds
33% Chance of 2 seconds Confusion
15% Chance of 6 Seconds Convert

Resistances[ | ]

  • Level 6 Hero/Boss Resistances
  • 649 Armor (Lvl 50) to 1651 Armor (Lvl 85)
  • Physical: 30%
  • Pierce: 25%
  • Freeze: 500%
  • Knockdown: 500%
  • Petrify: 500%
  • Sleep: 500%
  • Stun: 500%
  • Trap: 500%
  • 15% less Damage from Eldritch and Magical races

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