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Malmouth Harbor
Malmouth Harbor Icon.png
Location Info
Act: 6
Riftgate: No
Adjacent: Steelcap District
Crown Hill
The Blackiron Docks
Quests: -

The Malmouth Harbor is a sub-area in Act 6. It is north from the Steelcap District and connects to Crown Hill to the northeast. The Blackiron Docks is an area located in the northwest that's only accessible by quest.


  • Blackiron Door - to quest area The Blackiron Docks
  • Hidden Stash - located in the south part of the Harbor
  • Hidden Remains - located in the ruins that connect the south and north
  • Abandond Weapons - go through building, by overturned armored vehicle
  • Clear Barricade with 3 Dynamite
  • Resistance Bomb - on bridge going northeast to Crown Hill
  • Cross bridge to Detonation Site to enter Crown Hill
  • One-shot chests
    • Ivonda's Chest - inside ruins north end of harbor, take east path
    • Exalted Stash - north end of Harbor, take east path all the way north
  • Notes:



  • Nadia - northwest corner of Harbor
  • Hyram - southeast section of north harbor



  • Ascended - Attendant, Ascended Spellbreaker, Ascended Myrmidion


  • Aether Crystal, Aetherial Crystal Cluster, Aetherial Scamp, Aetherial Imp

Aetherial Corruption:

  • Fleshwarped Imp, Tainted Hound, Tainted Pack Leader, Burning Dead
  • Fleshwarped Corruption, Fleshshaper, Fleshweaver, Fleshwarped Abberation
  • Fleshwarped Chilled One, Fleshwarped Scorcher, Fleshwarped Stormwalker
  • Aetherial Bloater, Aetherial Bileeater, Aetherial Regurgitator
  • Aetherial Abomination, Aetherial Behemoth, Aetherial Colossus, Aetherial Titan
  • Aetherial Guardian, Aetherial Sentinel




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