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Once the pride of the east, Malmouth was an industrial marvel in the Erulan empire, with a bustling naval port and a thriving economy. It was also one of the first cities to fall during the events that unfolded on the day of the Grim Dawn.

Shattered from within by manipulative Aetherials, within mere weeks Malmouth turned from a proud beacon of the empire into a living nightmare for its denizens. But not all citizens of Malmouth perished when the fighting broke out. Some survived... endured... resisted.

These people now form the backbone of a resistance fighting to take back their city from the scheming invaders; but their resources are running low and human lives are finite when compared to the nigh infinite armies of the Aetherials that have entrenched themselves within Malmouth.

The Malmouth Resistance is one of the allied Factions in Grim Dawn. Members of this faction are first met in Act 6 when playing the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.

Headquarters: Malmouth

Reputation gained from:



  1. Imps
  2. Architects of Flesh
  3. Regurgitators
  4. Ascended (Spellbreakers)
  5. Blazebarf
  6. Stormtitan
  7. Blazragarus
  8. Torraxsteria
  9. Sanctuary
  10. Aetherial Missive
  11. Keeper of the Gates
  12. Fleshshaper Hinissius
  13. Fleshweaver Haraxis
  14. Fleshwarped Guardians (Hagalvar and Rodalgar)

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