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At the top of the food-chain is a ruthless predator, a night prowler capable of tearing a man in two with a swipe of its massive claws, assuming it does not impale the victim first upon its barbed tail. Manticores were once hunted by the truly brave, and the foolish, for their eyes and poison glands, both highly valued materials in the practices of alchemy and the arcane. Now they have reclaimed their rightful place as the apex predator of Homestead. Travelers daring enough to venture out beyond the settlements of Homestead should be wary of entire packs of these beasts roaming the countryside. Underestimate them and it may be your sun-bleached bones that future adventurers scavenge for valuables.

Manticores are a creature type belonging to the Beast family. They are found in several areas of Act 3, in particular the Jagged Waste and The Blood Grove.

Manticore variants[edit | edit source]

Manticore Heroes[edit | edit source]

Manticore Boss[edit | edit source]

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Manticoreeye.tex.png Manticore Eye crafting item.

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