Mark of the Myrmidon

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Mark of the Myrmidon is a Rare component for use in Shields.

Using the Blade Barricade skill and then switching weapons will cause the buff to disappear immediately, even if the second weapon slot has a shield with another Mark of the Myrmidon.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Mark of Myrmidon Complete.png

Mark of the Myrmidon

"A powerful symbol bestowed upon the most fearless battle lords."
(Used in shields)

Rare Component

+120 Health
+25 Defensive Ability
-15% Shield Recovery Time
180 Physical Retaliation

Granted Skills

Blade Barricade (Granted by Item)
Imbue your armor against piercing attacks, retaliating against your attackers in kind.
62 Energy Cost
24 Second Skill Recharge
8 Second Duration
+90% Pierce Damage
30% Pierce Resistance
+5% Maximum Pierce Resistance
424 Piercing Retaliation

Required Player Level: 27
Item Level: 35

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