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Grim Dawn’s modding tools are available for free to all owners of the game. The tools are the same as the ones used by the development team in the creation of the game, providing players with the opportunity to create their own content, items, classes and worlds. Advanced users can also take advantage of Lua support to script complex gameplay events and create entirely new types of content not seen in the base game.

Modding Tools Guide[]

An official Modding Tools Guide is available for download for those who wish to learn more about Grim Dawn's toolset.

The guide covers the basics, from starting out with the modding tools through working with the World Editor, Quest Editor, Conversation Editor and Database Editor. For advanced users, the Lua section covers a variety of functions available to those interested in scripted gameplay.

The latest version of the Modding Tutorial is available for download here. The Modding Tutorial may be updated from time to time, but the one included with the game is only updated with game releases.