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Mutators are global effects applied to all monsters or players in a given area. Each one strengthens monsters/players in one way, but weakens them in another.

Mutators are present in various side-areas, boss rooms and Challenge dungeons, as well as The Crucible and The Shattered Realm.

Mutators are applied randomly, and come in two types: those which affect the player, and those which affect enemies. An area can have either or both. World areas will have up to three mutators present, The Crucible and Shattered Realm up to five.

Table of Mutators[]

Stats are given for Normal/Elite/Ultimate. "X" values are for flat damage which is level-dependent.

Monster Mutators[]

Mutator Description Effect
Mutatoricon monster aetherwarped.png Aetherwarped Monsters are resistant to the Aether, but more susceptible to Chaos.
  • +20/25/30% Aether Damage
  • 8/12/15% Aether Resistance
  • -6% Chaos Resistance
Mutatoricon monster armored.png Armored Monsters are nearly impervious to physical harm and armor piercing, but are more susceptible to the elements.
  • 8/12/15% Physical Resistance
  • 8/12/15% Pierce Resistance
  • -6% Elemental Resistance
Mutatoricon monster berserking.png Berserking Monsters are berserking, attacking faster but also becoming more susceptible to attacks.
  • -5% Defensive Ability
  • +8/10/15% Attack Speed
Mutatoricon monster brutal.png Brutal Monsters land critical strikes more often, but deal reduced damage.
  • Total Damage Modified by -8%
  • +25/35/50 Offensive Ability
  • +4/5/6% Offensive Ability
Mutatoricon monster corrupted.png Corrupted Monsters are resistant to Chaos, but more Susceptible to the Aether.
  • x Chaos Damage
  • +20/25/30% Chaos Damage
  • -6% Aether Resistance
  • 8/12/15% Chaos Resistance
Mutatoricon monster crippling.png Crippling Monster attacks slow opponents, but they attack slower.
  • 15/20/35% chance to cause -12/18/25% Attack Speed for 3 seconds
  • -8% Attack Speed
Mutatoricon monster cruel.png Cruel Monster critical strikes are extra lethal, but their attacks are more likely to miss.
  • -5% Offensive Ability
  • +25/40/60% Crit Damage
Mutatoricon monster ignited.png Ignited Monsters are infused with fire, dealing additional fire damage and retaliating fire damage, but are more susceptible to cold.
  • x Burn Damage over 3 seconds
  • +20/25/30% Fire Damage
  • +20/25/30% Burn Damage
  • -6% Cold Resistance
  • x Burn Retaliation over 2 seconds
Mutatoricon monster leeching.png Leeching Monsters leech health back with every attack, but have reduced health.
  • 200/300/600% Attack Damage converted to Health
  • -8% Health
Mutatoricon monster poisonous.png Poisonous Monsters are tainted with poison, dealing additional poison damage and retaliating poison damage, but are more susceptible to vitality-draining attacks.
  • x Poison Damage over 2/3/5 seconds
  • +20/25/30% Poison Damage
  • 8/12/15% Poison & Acid Resistance
  • -6% Vitality Resistance
Mutatoricon monster regenerating.png Regenerating Monsters have highly enhanced health and energy regeneration, but are more susceptible to acid, poison and bleeding.
  • +x Health Regenerated per Second
  • +15/25/40% Health Regenerated per Second
  • +30/50/75% Energy Regenerated per Second
  • -6% Poison & Acid Resistance
  • -6% Bleeding Resistance
Mutatoricon monster resistant.png Resistant Monsters are nearly impervious to magical attacks, but are more susceptible to physical harm.
  • 8/12/15% Elemental Resistance
  • -6% Physical Resistance
Mutatoricon monster swift.png Swift Monsters have greatly increased movement speed, but are more susceptible to crowd control.
  • +8/12/18% Movement Speed
  • -15% CC Resistance
Mutatoricon monster time-warped.png Time-Warped Monsters have greatly reduced spell cooldowns and increased casting speed, but deal reduced physical damage.
  • -15% Physical Damage
  • +15/20/25% Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • +8/10/15% Cast Speed
Mutatoricon monster toughened.png Toughened Monsters have greatly increased health, but have reduced health regeneration.
  • +15/35/70% Health
  • Health Regeneration increased by -50%
Mutatoricon monster unstoppable.png Unstoppable Monsters are highly resistant to crowd control, but move slowly.
  • 15/20/25% resistance to CC effects
  • -8% Movement Speed
Mutatoricon monster vengeful.png Vengeful Monsters have greatly enhanced retaliation effects, but have reduced armor.
  • x Pierce Retaliation
  • -10% Armor

Player Mutators[]

Mutatoricon player aethermarked.png Aethermarked Players experience slowed attacks, but are more resistant to the Aether.
  • -8/10/15% Attack Speed
  • 6% Aether Resistance
  • +6% Maximum Aether Resistance
Mutatoricon player afflicted.png Afflicted Players have reduced health, but are more resistant to vitality drains.
  • -10/12/15% Health
  • 6% Vitality Resistance
  • +6% Maximum Vitality Resistance
Mutatoricon player drained.png Drained Players have reduced health regeneration, but are more resistant to poison and bleeding.
  • -30/50/75% Health Regenerated per Second
  • 6% Poison & Acid Resistance
  • 6% Bleeding Resistance
  • +6% Maximum Poison & Acid Resistance
  • +6% Maximum Bleeding Resistance
Mutatoricon player exposed.png Exposed Players have reduced armor, but cooldowns are also reduced.
  • Increases Armor by -10/15/20%
  • +8% Skill Cooldown Reduction
Mutatoricon player marked.png Marked Players have reduced defensive ability, but damage is magnified.
  • -30/70/100 Defensive Ability
  • +8% Total Damage
  • +100% Elemental Damage
Mutatoricon player shattered.png Shattered Players have reduced damage and retaliation effects, but armor is increased.
  • Total Damage modified by -5/8/10%
  • +8% Armor
  • -50/100/200% to All Retaliation Damage
Mutatoricon player slowed.png Slowed Player movement speed is greatly reduced, but crowd control doesn't last as long.
  • -5/8/10% Movement Speed
  • 15% reduced Stun Duration
  • 15% reduced Freeze Duration
  • 15% reduced Entrapment Duration
  • 15% reduced Petrify Duration
  • 15% Sleep Resistance
Mutatoricon player tainted.png Tainted Players are slowed, but critical damage is increased
  • -5/6/8% Total Speed
  • +20% Crit Damage
Mutatoricon player voidmarked.png Voidmarked Players experience slowed casting but are more resistant to Chaos.
  • -10/15/20% Casting Speed
  • 6% Chaos Resistance
  • +6% Maximum Chaos Resistance
Mutatoricon player weakened.png Weakened Player critical attacks are weakened, but attacks are more likely to hit.
  • -15/25/30% Crit Damage
  • +70 Offensive Ability

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