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Notes are lore objects that can be found scattered throughout the world of Grim Dawn. They outline some of the back-story and mythology of the game, and some may give hints at quests.

Notes can variously be found on Lecterns or laying on the ground, they can drop from slain creatures or be looted randomly from breakable objects such as bookshelves.

Right-clicking these notes will add them to the codex page and grant bonus Experience. Once a note is added to the codex it will not, with the exception of quest notes, spawn again.

Act 1 Notes[]

Random Burrwitch Notes[]

Act 2 Notes[]

Cronley's Mine Notes[]

Random Old Arkovia Notes[]

Act 3 Notes[]

Cultist Notes[]

Death's Vigil Notes[]

Kymon's Chosen Notes[]

Port Valbury Notes[]

Act 4 Notes[]

Act 5 Notes[]

Survivors - Ugdenbog

Survivors - Barrowholm


Act 6 Notes[]

Cultist Notes[]


Aetherial Notes[]


Forgotten Gods Notes[]

Witch God Cults[]

Korvan History[]


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