Null Field (Skill)

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Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png   Null Field
Mastery: Inquisitor
Tier: 7
Skill Type: Transmuter
Max. Level: 1
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Inquisitor Seal (Skill) Icon.png Inquisitor Seal
Inquisitor Seal (Skill) Icon.png

Inquisitor Seal


40 Energy Cost
5 Second Skill Recharge
3 Summon Limit

Arcane Seal Attributes:

Lives for 24 Seconds

Arcane Seal Abilities:


3.8 Meter Radius
34 Damage Absorption
Increases Health Regeneration by 15%
5% Elemental Resistance


3.8 Meter Radius
20-30 Fire Damage
+30% Damage to Aetherials
+30% Damage to Aetherial Corruptions
+30% Damage to Chthonics
+30% Damage to Eldritch


73 Energy Cost

Arcane Seal Attributes:

Lives for 12 Seconds

Arcane Seal Abilities:


190 Damage Absorption
Increases Health Regeneration by 45%
30% Elemental Resistance


141-195 Fire Damage

The Inquisitor Seal's inscription can be altered, if the need arises, to harden its barrier against incoming projectiles, but this comes at a cost in increased mental drain.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.0.9.0

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/1 -10% Attack Speed
-15% Casting Speed
25% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

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