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The Order of Death's Vigil represents the last connection to the nearly lost art of necromancy, precious knowledge passed down to its members from their grandmaster, Uroboruuk.

Members of the Order do not fear death. Instead they embrace all of its harsh lessons, believing that through mastery of death they can become more in tune with the world itself.

Having faced persecution at the hands of the empire for centuries, the Order is no stranger to prejudice and controversy, but they had never met a foe as relentless as the Kymon's Chosen. The Chosen, concerned only with cleansing Cairn of corruption, view the Order as a travesty that must be purged.

The Order of Death's Vigil are one of the Factions present in the world of Grim Dawn.

The player has the opportunity to side with them during the Allies Among the Ashes quest. Doing so enables access to Death's Vigil quests and bounties as well as the ability to purchase faction equipment.

Headquarters: Sorrow's Bastion

Reputation gained from:


For the Order of Death's Vigil deals in that ultimate fate which binds all men. They are necromancers, reapers, the embodiment of mortal desire to understand the inevitable. Though the art itself is as ancient as man's control over magic, the Order owes its origins to just one man: Uroboruuk.

Uroboruuk is perhaps more legend than man and no one knows in what distant time and place he was born but his name has reappeared throughout the ages and is central to tales of the downfall of Arkovia centuries ago. Under decree of the Arkovian Oligarchs, all suspected practitioners of the necromantic art were to be taken to the Steps of Torment, a vile prison where doomed men were left to rot in the darkness of the depths of the earth. Uroboruuk, who then had a powerful following in Arkovia, was betrayed and handed over to the Arkovian torturers. However, he was not like any man they had ever met. It seemed Uroboruuk could not die. His skin would not burn and his wounds would not bleed.

Unsurprisingly, this drew the attention of the oligarchs, who craved such power for themselves. Under their command, Uroboruuk was subjected to the most brutal and imaginative forms of torture ever conceived. His immortality had worked against him.

Ultimately, the necromancer agreed to their demands and offered to perform the ritual which would make the oligarchs immortal. The oligarchs had assumed his will broken and greedily accepted. Indeed, Uroboruuk granted the people of Arkovia the immortality they so craved, but it came in the form of a devious curse. They still suffered from the ravages of time, but the merciful release of death would not come. They became trapped within their physical forms, even as their bodies disintegrated and turned to dust. The remnants of the once great Arkovian Empire still roam the world as mindless ghouls and tortured spirits. But that is another tale, one which you may learn yourself as you journey through Cairn.

Shortly after the ritual was complete, Uroboruuk vanished from the clutches of the Arkovians. It was centuries before he resurfaced again. With the systematic extermination of his necromancer brothers and sisters, Uroboruuk represented one of the last threads by which the art of necromancy still existed within the world of Cairn. He swore to restore necromancy to its former glory, to engrain the pursuit of knowledge and life's mysteries into a new generation. That was the day the Order of Death's Vigil first came into being.

Uroboruuk recruited eager students wherever he travelled, taking in young arcanists and occultists to join his secretive society. Onto them he passed on most of his knowledge. I say “most” as not once did he reveal the true nature of his immortality, not even to his most prized students. Whenever he was asked, he would merely point to the history of the Arkovians and exclaim that this was the fate of those that craved eternal life. Uroboruuk would use the Arkovians as an example of injustice and imbalance in society and that the Order should strive to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. Over time, maintaining the balance of the world became one of their central tenets.

Uroboruuk remained as the Order's leader up until several years before the Grim Dawn, when he mysteriously abandoned his students in the night, never to return. None know for sure as to the whereabouts of the immortal necromancer. Some believe he had ascended, his time on Cairn concluded. Others still believe he is out there somewhere, traveling the world on a journey of enlightenment. Many acolytes of the Order consider it a rite of passage to travel the world and seek out their lost master. After a year of fruitless wandering, they would return, wizened by their travels and no closer to uncovering the truth behind Uroboruuk's disappearance.

When the Aetherials and the Chthonians made their mark upon Cairn, the Order of Death's Vigil rose to oppose them. Now they are one of the last groups of humans still standing against the seemingly unstoppable might of the invaders. It would seem foolish to turn down the power of death in the battles ahead, but as you may soon discover, there are some still left alive in Cairn who would see the world brought to the brink of annihilation before they would even consider an alliance with the Order of Death's Vigil.


  1. Seeking the Order
  2. Worthy of the Order
  3. Seals of Binding
  4. A Catalyst
  5. The Sacred Ashes
  6. Service Beyond Death
  7. The Search for Uroboruuk


Bounty Icon.png

  1. Aetherial Vanguard
  2. Dominators
  3. Blade Maidens
  4. Corpse-eaters
  5. The Skybreaker
  6. Wrathfire
  7. Horvald Shieldbreaker
  8. Olga Flamebearer
  9. The Behemoth
  10. The Ascended
  11. The Decayed
  12. Karroz's Pet
  13. Revenant of Death
  14. Rolderathis
  15. Chthonic Seal
  16. Cripple the Cult
  17. The Bloodlord
  18. The Warden's Slaves
  19. Archon Barthollem
  20. Ruination

Faction Equipment[]

All faction equipment is Soulbound and cannot be traded between characters.


Item Stats Requirements Item Level
Frostguard Tincture Icon.png
Frostguard Tincture 30 Second Skill Recharge
5 Second Duration
3.5 Meter Radius
Freeze Target for 1 Second
50% Slow target for 5 Seconds
Ice-Blood Oil Icon.png
Ice-Blood Oil 30 Second Duration
+50% Cold Damage
15% Chance of 1 Second of Freeze Retaliation


Item Stats Requirements Item Level
Death's Force Icon.png
Death's Force

32-105 Physical Damage
Speed: Average
7 Vitality Damage
15% Chance of 150 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
+42% Vitality Damage
15% Physical Damage converted to Vitality Damage
+235 Health
+18 Defensive Ability

Death's Crescent Icon.png
Death's Crescent 35
Death's Scythe Icon.png
Death's Scythe 35
Death's Revolver Icon.png
Death's Revolver 35
Death's Advance Icon.png
Death's Advance 35
Death's Embrace Icon.png
Death's Embrace 35
Death's Gaze Icon.png
Death's Gaze 35
Death's Ruin Icon.png
Death's Ruin 35
Death's Visage Icon.png
Death's Visage 35
Death's Headguard Icon.png
Death's Headguard 35
Death's Mantle Icon.png
Death's Mantle 35
Death's Pauldrons Icon.png
Death's Pauldrons 35
Death's Vestments Icon.png
Death's Vestments 35
Death's Cuirass Icon.png
Death's Cuirass 35
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Death's Cord
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Death's Sixgun
Blueprint 1 magical.tex.png
Blueprint: Black Tallow
Blueprint 1 magical.tex.png
Blueprint: Blessed Steel
Blueprint 1 magical.tex.png
Blueprint: Blessed Whetstone
Blueprint 3 epic.tex.png
Blueprint: Haunted Steel


Item Stats Requirements Item Level
Ritual Salts Icon.png
Ritual Salts +7% Elemental Damage
+7% Burn Damage
+7% Frostburn Damage
+7% Electrocute Damage
Mortal Coil Icon.png Mortal Coil +10% Cold Damage
+135 Health
Necrotic Flesh Icon.png Necrotic Flesh +10% Vitality Damage
+10% Vitality Decay
Binding Dust Icon.png
Binding Dust Bonus to All Pets:
+4% Health
12 Vitality Resistance
Chillheart Powder Icon.png
Chillheart Powder +15% Frostburn Damage
15% Cold Resistance
Death's Frost Seal Icon.png Death's Frost Seal 3 Cold Damage
+32% Cold Damage
+22% Frostburn Damage
+45 Offensive Ability
+1.5 Energy Regenerated per secondy
+3% Armor
Player Level: 40
Spirit: 190
Death's Life Seal Icon.png Death's Life Seal 3-7 Vitality Damage
8% Energy Burn (25% Energy Burnt causes Damage)
+32% Vitality Damage
+14 Spirit
+5% Attack Speed
Bonus to All Pets:
+18% Total Damage
Player Level: 40
Spirit: 190
Grasp of the Reaper Icon.png Grasp of the Reaper 5 Cold Damage
+15% Pierce Damage
+32% Cold Damage
+7% Attack Speed
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
Player Level: 40
Spirit: 195
Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath Icon.png Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath +32% Aether Damage
+32% Chaos Damage
+260 Energy
+45 Offensive Ability
+5% Skill Cooldown Reduction
+1 to Albrecht's Aether Ray
Player Level: 40
Spirit: 195
Voidcaller Pendant Icon.png
Voidcaller Pendant 1-9 Chaos Damage
+5% Crit Damage
+32% Chaos Damage
+45 Offensive Ability
+0.8 Energy Regenerated per second
+1 to Doom Bolt
Player Level: 40
Spirit: 195
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Death's Gaze
Death's Gaze Icon.png
Death's Gaze 50
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Death's Waistguard
WritKC01.png Writ of the Order of Death's Vigil Reputation gain increased by 50% with  the Order of Death's Vigil


Item Stats Requirements Item Level
Uroboruuk's Word Icon.png
Uroboruuk's Word +15% Cold Damage
+15% Vitality Damage
+15% Frostburn Damage
Uroboruuk's Anguish Icon.png
Uroboruuk's Anguish +15% Vitality Damage
+15% Chaos Damage
+15% Vitality Decay
Uroboruuk's Path Icon.png
Uroboruuk's Path +15% Aether Damage
+200 Energy
+1.2 Energy Regenerated per second
Malkadarr's Chillbane Icon.png
Malkadarr's Chillbane +22% Frostburn Damage with +20% Increased Duration
+10 Offensive Ability
Keeper's Binding Dust Icon.png
Keeper's Binding Dust +15% Vitality Damage
Bonus to All Pets:
18% Vitality Resistance
20% Reduced Stun Duration
20% Reduced Freeze Duration
Spellward Powder Icon.png Spellward Powder 10% Lightning Resistance
7% Aether Resistance
Spiritguard Powder Icon.png Spiritguard Powder 10% Vitality Resistance 70
Wraithtouch Powder Icon.png Wraithtouch Powder 15% Cold Resistance 70
Death's Force Icon.png
Elite Death's Force 70
Death's Crescent Icon.png
Elite Death's Crescent 70
Death's Scythe Icon.png
Elite Death's Scythe 70
Death's Revolver Icon.png
Elite Death's Revolver 70
Death's Advance Icon.png
Elite Death's Advance 70
Death's Embrace Icon.png
Elite Death's Embrace 70
Death's Gaze Icon.png
Elite Death's Gaze 70
Death's Ruin Icon.png
Elite Death's Ruin 70
Death's Visage Icon.png
Elite Death's Visage 70
Death's Headguard Icon.png
Elite Death's Headguard 70
Death's Mantle Icon.png
Elite Death's Mantle 70
Death's Pauldrons Icon.png
Elite Death's Pauldrons 70
Death's Vestments Icon.png
Elite Death's Vestments 70
Death's Cuirass Icon.png
Elite Death's Cuirass 70
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png
Blueprint: Death's Girdle
Blueprint 3 epic.tex.png
Blueprint: Empowered Reaper's Touch
MandateKC01.png Mandate of the Order of Death's Vigil Reputation gain increased by 100% with the Order of Death's Vigil

Related Lore[]

  • Spiritbinder Glyph


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