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v1.1.9.1 Apr 1, 2021
v1.1.9.0 Jan 26, 2021
v1.1.8.1 Hotfix 1 Oct 16, 2020
v1.1.8.0 Sep 22, 2020
v1.1.7.2 Hotfix 2 Jul 21, 2020
v1.1.7.1 Hotfix 1 Jun 12, 2020
v1.1.7.0 Jun 5, 2020
v1.1.6.2 Hotfix 2 Mar 14, 2020
v1.1.6.1 Hotfix 1 Mar 10, 2020
v1.1.6.0 Feb 27, 2020
v1.1.5.2 Hotfix 2 Dec 28, 2019
v1.1.5.1 Hotfix 1 Nov 27, 2019
v1.1.5.0 Nov 22, 2019
v1.1.4.2 Aug 28, 2019
v1.1.4.1 Aug 8, 2019
v1.1.4.0 June 20, 2019
v1.1.3.0 June 20, 2019
v1.1.2.2 May 9, 2019
v1.1.2.1 May 8, 2019
v1.1.2.0 May 7, 2019
v1.1.1.2 Apr 6, 2019
v1.1.1.1 Mar 29, 2019
v1.1.1.0 Hotfix 1 Mar 28, 2019
v1.1.1.0 Mar 26, 2019
v1.1.0.1 Mar 15, 2019
v1.1.0.0 Mar 13, 2019
v1.0.7.1 Dec 15, 2018
v1.0.7.0 Dec 12, 2018
v1.0.6.1 May 22, 2018
v1.0.6.0 May 11, 2018
v1.0.5.0 Feb 22, 2018
v1.0.4.1 Jan 6, 2018
v1.0.4.0 Dec 19, 2017
v1.0.3.0 Nov 17, 2017
v1.0.2.1 Oct 14, 2017
v1.0.2.0 Oct 11, 2017
v1.0.1.0 Jun 22, 2017
v1.0.0.9 Mar 16, 2017
v1.0.0.8 Feb 11, 2017
v1.0.0.7 Dec 20, 2016
v1.0.0.6 Oct 4, 2016
v1.0.0.5 Aug 4, 2016
v1.0.0.4 June 8, 2016
v1.0.0.3 Apr 29, 2016
v1.0.0.2 Mar 16, 2016
v1.0.0.1 Feb 29, 2016
v1.0.0.0 Feb 25, 2016
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B30 Jan 13, 2016
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B11 May 30, 2013
B10 May 24, 2013
B9 May 19, 2013
B8 Minor May 15, 2013

Build 30 is an update that was released on January 13, 2016.[1] It was the last pre-release build of Grim Dawn and included changes to all kind of areas, from performance and environments to class balance and itemization.

v0.3.8.0 (b31) changes[]

Major new features[]

  • Voiceovers have been added for all major quest NPC dialogue.
  • A mighty earthquake has erupted in the land of Old Arkovia. Mountains collapsed into the world's crust; new rivers formed; and ancient ruins were revealed. Players who previously explored this region may need to rediscover the Twin Falls riftgate.
  • Achievements are now unlocked.
  • An animated cinematic now introduces new characters to the world and story of Grim Dawn.
  • New tutorial tip system. The old tutorial window has been removed and is now part of the Codex window (quest log/etc).



  • New animation for the Arcanist skill Devastation.
  • New default attack animation for two-handed weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Chthonian Harbingers would hang in space upon triggering the death animation. They now fall to the ground and die properly.
  • A bug was fixed with the Dreadguard's special jump attack, where they would travel forward in world-space and slide back to their origin point after the attack triggered.
  • A bug was fixed with the Dreadguard's special underhand cleave attack, where they would travel forward in world-space and slide back to their origin point after the attack triggered. The animation was also shortened by 10 frames.
  • A bug was fixed with the Dreadguard's special double-cleave attack, where they would travel forward in world-space and slide back to their origin point after the attack triggered.
  • Fixed a bug where Cronley Brute's weapons would disappear when walking.
  • Reworked the Bone Golem's self-buff and summoning animations to happen much faster.


  • Optimized pathfinding system. This change should result in a performance increase during large battles.
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to load some database resources.
  • Fixed an issue where broken loot orbs could appear to clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an issue where items that would normally be automatically collected could not be picked up by multiplayer clients.
  • Fixed an issue where loot would appear floating in mid-air in some situations during multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an issue where clients in multiplayer games would not see spawn animations for pet and ambush spawns.
  • Fixed the dismantling UI not properly accounting for components in the dismantle cost.
  • Loot can no longer fall off cliffs and other high places.
  • Loading tips have been added to the loading screen.
  • Added tooltips to the options menu.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a corruption in the player stash resulting in characters being unable to load.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during or after UI scaling was adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips for items in the world could become stuck on screen when opening UI windows.
  • Fixed a bug where mind-controlled enemies would not give experience in multiplayer games.
  • Reduced CPU performance impact of having many enemy corpses on screen.
  • Hovering over equipment slots on the paper doll will now highlight applicable components for that item.
  • Inventory auto sort now uses localized display names.
  • Pet resists from pet bonuses are now tabulated on the character sheet.
  • Weapon damage on skill tooltips is now split into main hand/off-hand.
  • Item stack window can now be closed with the Enter key.
  • On enemy death auto-cast skills can now trigger off of duration damage.
  • Refresh cooldown skills (e. g. Aldanar's Vanity) will now work with item skills as well.
  • Total armor rating now displays normalized armor rating that takes into account the chance to hit each armor area.
  • Fixed celestial powers attached to pets not using the appropriate level in some instances.
  • Weapon comparisons now take into account passive skills that would be active/not active based on weapon types.
  • Fixed a bug with low health and low energy autocasts triggering when they shouldn't.
  • Debuff skills now calculate chance to have a critical attack each update instead of once per application.
  • Fixed same source damage being counted twice for dual-wield skills in display calculations.
  • Modified inventory auto-sort to be more intuitive.
  • Fixed monsters that can change hostility with the player having proper collision detection.


  • "Move To" no longer targets breakable objects.
  • Pets can now be ordered to attack breakable objects.
  • Constitution activation time reduced, fast regen rate increased, vital essence drop rate increased and % constitution restored by vital essence reduced.
  • Health potion cooldown increased from 10 s to 12 s.
  • Potions/iron dropped in multiplayer are no longer automatically picked up by the player that dropped them.
  • Most secret areas now have significantly improved loot the first time you discover them on a character, per difficulty.
  • Reduced the cap on the Loghorrean's summons and increased the cooldown of its Tentacles summon.
  • Slightly increased the minimum range for the Loghorrean's Chaos Barrage (he can still cast it in melee if you are approaching him as he begins the cast, but you are less likely to deal with this ability if you are trying to stay on him in melee). Also slightly increased the cooldown.
  • Removed the Ranged Fumble applied by Shar'Zul's Fire Winds, reduced its potency on Loghorrean's Void Rifts.
  • Avatar of Mogdrogen: reduced % Damage Absorption and damage bonus at low health, slightly reduced his damage, Offensive Ability, Defensive Ability and Health Regeneration scaling with level. Increased the cooldown on his summons.
  • Fabius: reduced the % heal from his Pneumatic Burst and added a small flat heal to it to compensate at lower levels. This heal was scaling too extremely on Ultimate difficulty, making the encounter too drawn out. In addition, the Attack Speed bonus from Pneumatic Burst has been reduced by 10%.
  • Nemesis: various Nemesis boss self-buff effects are no longer susceptible to Dispel (e. g. Nullification).
  • Nemesis: removed some of the more obscure spawn locations for the Aetherial and Chthonian Nemeses.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the Aetherial, Chthonian or Cronley's Gang Nemeses not to spawn during a session.
  • Changed multiplayer experience gains to only average party-member player levels of those members near the action.
  • In multiplayer, low-level players can now gain XP when killing level-appropriate monsters (only when no very high-level players are nearby).
  • The Loxmere Nightmage now has a chance to spawn in a fixed location that can be avoided by players who do not wish to contend with the nightmarish possessed, rather than randomly in unavoidable locations. However, for those that do brave a conflict with the Nightmage, he now has a chance to drop a monster infrequent unique to him.
  • Reduced the burst potential and high-level scaling on the Loxmere Nightmage. In addition, this boss is now less likely to open up with a Shadow Strike.
  • The Outcast now has a chance to drop a Legendary version of her unique hood at level 80+, and an increased chance to drop the Epic version with each tier of her Hostile status.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kymon's Chosen and Order of Death's Vigil allies from spawning in the Necropolis to support you if your status with them was above 5000 and you completed the quest The Necropolis quest
  • Reduced % Current Life resistance on heroes and bosses.
  • Threat generation has been updated: Debuff effects and Damage over Time now only generate threat on their initial application. Rapidly attacking a target now generates reduced threat. Reduced the amount of threat transferred from pets to the summoner. Increased the cooldown at which certain mobs and bosses will attempt to ignore pets.
  • The next chapter of the story revolving around the blade Stormheart and its owner awaits...
  • The Steps of Torment exit monolith is now only active after you open the main loot chest.
  • Target dummies have been added to Devil's Crossing, Homestead, and Fort Ikon.
  • Transparency settings have been adjusted to improve navigating the barns and shacks in Act 2.
  • Bounties that asked for trivial materials (e. g. Scrap) have been removed from the rotation.


  • Max sell value of items to vendors is now increased on Elite and Ultimate difficulty.
  • Already-known blueprints now have a greatly reduced chance of dropping. In addition, low-level equipment blueprints no longer drop above level 50.
  • Increased Epic and Legendary drop rates on Elite and Ultimate difficulty by about 15% and 25% respectively. Nemesis chests were not adjusted in this buff as they are already competitive.
  • Reduced rate of single-affix items by ~30% and increased the rate of double-affix items by ~50% at level 55+ from all sources.
  • Rare-quality item drop rates increased by ~10% at level 55+ from all sources, on top of the increase from Build 30.
  • Increased the chance of rolling Rare affixes from crafting by an additional 20%.
  • Monster infrequent items have been overhauled with updated stats. Their base stats are now more appealing, with a focus on improving defenses at higher levels. Monster infrequents that roll with two Rare affixes should be more competitive with, or in some cases even outperform, Legendary items.
  • Significantly increased the quality of affixes rolled on monster infrequent items. The relative drop rate remains unchanged, but those that drop should be better on average, with a higher chance of two affixes and one or both of those affixes being rare.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of amulets, rings and medals of all qualities.
  • Increased flat and % damage bonuses on all level 33+ equipment (of all quality tiers) by 20-30%.
  • Increased % damage on all level 50+ set bonuses.
  • Increased base weapon damage on two-handed ranged weapons significantly. Their ratio to two-handed melee weapons is now the same as one-handed melee to ranged weapons.
  • Base weapon attack speed is now multiplicative with Attack Speed modifiers.
  • Adjusted Epic item loot tables at high levels so that items level 65-75 can drop at level 85, rather than just level 75 items. This had a negative impact on the loot selection, which could result in many duplicate drops while also removing viable level 65+ items from dropping for max level characters.
  • Adjusted Legendary item loot tables at level 85 to more consistently drop Legendaries of all levels.
  • Slightly increased the chance of generating Rare materials from dismantling Epic and Legendary items.
  • Increased the amount of scrap generated from dismantling to 3-8, up from 1-5.
  • Replaced Chance of % Damage Converted to Health on all equipment (with the exception of Krieg's Cleaver and its empowered version) with a fixed life steal.
  • Increased the chance to activate of most on Crit item effects.
  • Adjusted bonuses on all items that had a combination of Attack/Cast Speed and Offensive Ability/Crit Damage. In all cases, one or the other was focused on, but any reductions were compensated with an increase on existing stats, or the addition of new stats.
  • Adjusted most items with % Total Speed, generally splitting it into bonuses to Attack and/or Cast speed rather than affecting all speed values
  • Increased % Attack Speed bonuses on two-handed weapons and affixes. This change is retroactive, with the exception of the Alacrity Magic suffix.
  • Slightly increased % Attack Speed bonuses on gloves.
  • Increased Offensive and Defensive Ability values on gloves. This change is not retroactive on gloves with Magic quality affixes.
  • Added 3 new Rare suffixes for gloves with bonuses to Offensive and Defensive Ability.
  • Reduced % Max Resist bonus values on most items. These bonuses have been partially moved to various devotion constellations.
  • Reduced various % bonuses to specific monster types.
  • Slightly reduced some sources of % Cooldown Reduction on equipment.
  • Slightly reduced Physique requirements on non-caster Epic armor.
  • Reduced Cunning requirements on daggers by 20%
  • Reduced Cunning requirements on two-handed ranged weapons by ~10% at mid-high levels.
  • Components - Increased projectile speed on the Chaos Bolt component skill.
  • Component - Bloody Whetstone: added 10 Bleed / 3 s damage.
  • Component - Dread Skull: replaced % Total Speed with 5% Attack Speed and 3% Move Speed.
  • Component - Ectoplasm: increased Energy Regen to 2.0.
  • Component - Kilrian's Shattered Soul: added 5% Attack Speed, removed flat Vitality damage.
  • Component - Mark of Illusions: added 12 Defensive Ability.
  • Component - Rotten Heart: added 18 Offensive Ability.
  • Component - Spellwoven Threads: increased % Damage bonuses to 30%, % Cast Speed to 8% added 18 Offensive Ability, removed % Offensive Ability.
  • Component - Unholy Inscription: added 15 Offensive Ability, removed 15 Cunning.
  • Component - Vengeful Wraith: added 8 Offensive Ability.
  • Component - Vicious Jawbone: added 3% Attack Speed.
  • Toned down the visual effects for most item-granted and component-granted auras and toggled buffs.
  • Added a new monster infrequent shield for Fleshwarped Trolls, a new medal for Bloodlord Thalonis, a new ring for Viloth and a new caster dagger for the Loxmere Nightmage.
  • Items and affixes that were marked as "Legacy" during early access have been removed. Any items that had such affixes will lose them, but the item will remain. In all cases, legacy items had outdated values, and there is no reason to use them.

Legendary items[]

Epic items[]

Magic and Rare items[]

  • Rare items: A balancing pass has been done on Rare affixes with adjustments made to almost every Rare prefix and suffix. The focus of this pass was to improve or add bonuses that increase survivability, particularly at level 50+, while also cutting out junk.
  • Faction: reduced conversion on faction one-handed weapons to 15%, to match Epic weapons. These items were missed when Conversion on one-handed weapons was reduced several builds ago.
  • Faction - Chosen Arcanespark: replaced Energy with % Chaos Resist.
  • Faction - Chosen Cowl: replaced Energy and % Energy with Defensive Ability and % Health.
  • Faction - Chosen Flame Seal: replaced Energy with % Elemental Resist.
  • Faction - Chosen Star of Thunder: replaced % Energy with Health.
  • Faction - Chosen Storm Seal: replaced Energy with Defensive Ability.
  • Faction - Death's Advance: replaced Energy with Offensive Ability.
  • Faction - Death's Frost Seal: replaced Energy with % Armor.
  • Faction - Death's Ruin: replaced Energy with % Aether Resist.
  • Faction - Death's Scythe: replaced Energy with % Cast Speed.
  • Faction - Death's Visage: replaced Energy with Offensive Ability.
  • Faction - Defiled Chosen Star: replaced Energy with Offensive Ability.
  • Faction - Devil's Badge of Venom: replaced Energy with % Chaos Resist.
  • Faction - Devil's Cover: replaced Energy with % Health.
  • Faction - Harvest's Tome: replaced Energy with % Elemental Resist.
  • Faction - Legion Aetherspark: replaced Energy with % Aether Resist.
  • Faction - Legion Conjuration Seal: replaced % Energy Regen for pets with % Offensive Ability for the player, reduced % Attack Speed for pets to 6%.
  • Faction - Legion Mark of the Spellweaver: replaced Energy with % Elemental Resist.
  • Faction - Outcast's Chilled Vestments: replaced Energy with % Armor.
  • Faction - Outcast's Hood: replaced % Energy with Health.
  • Faction - Outcast's Wrath Mantle: replaced Energy with Health.
  • Faction - Outcast's Wrath Vestments: replaced % Energy with % Health.
  • Faction - Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath: replaced % Energy Absorb with % Chaos damage.
  • Faction - Rhowari Chilltouch: replaced Energy with Health.
  • Faction - Rhowari Lifecaller: replaced Energy with Health, reduced % Crit damage for pets to 10% and % Attack Speed to 5%.
  • Faction - Rhowari Shoulderguard: added Health and Defensive Ability, reduced % Defensive Ability for pets to 4% and removed % Health Regen for pets.
  • Faction - Rhowari Vestments: replaced % Energy with additional Offensive Ability.
  • Faction - Rhowari Waistguard: replaced % Energy with % Crit damage.
  • Faction - Rhowari Wrath Seal: replaced Energy with Defensive Ability.

Crafting and relics[]

  • Relic - Annihilation: added % Weapon damage to Meteor and slightly increased the Burn damage.
  • Relic - Belgothian's Carnage: added 45 Offensive Ability, reduced Cunning to 35.
  • Relic - Bladedancer's Talisman: added 35% Elemental damage and 2% Offensive Ability, removed % Attack Speed.
  • Relic - Blademaster's Talisman: bonuses redesigned.
  • Relic - Bladesworn Talisman: added 15% Elemental damage, replaced Cunning with 16 Offensive Ability.
  • Relic - Blight: increased % Acid damage to 40%, added 7% Attack Speed, removed Acid Retaliation.
  • Relic - Bysmiel's Domination: added 40 Offensive Ability.
  • Relic - Conflagration: replaced % Increased Fire Resist with 25% Fire Resist and 20% Lightning Resist.
  • Relic - Corruption: replaced Energy with 110 Health.
  • Relic - Deathchill: replaced Cold/Vitality Retaliation with 5% Attack and Cast Speed.
  • Relic - Dreeg's Affliction: added 70% Acid damage, replaced % Cast Speed with % Total Speed. Increased cooldown and damage on the skill. Projectiles now have a 70% chance to pierce.
  • Relic - Eye of the Storm: added 8% Attack Speed, removed Offensive Ability.
  • Relic - Fortress: replaced Lightning Retaliation with 25% All Retaliation damage.
  • Relic - Glacier: increased activation chance on the skill to 15%, added Frostburn damage, and increased Energy Reserved to 150 on the skill.
  • Relic - Gunslinger's Talisman: bonuses redesigned. Skill now also functions with two-handed guns.
  • Relic - Marauder's Talisman: bonuses redesigned. Skill now also functions with two-handed guns.
  • Relic - Necrosis: reduced % Resist Reduction on the skill to 33%, increased debuff duration to 8 s.
  • Relic - Nemesis: increased % Total Speed to 6%, reduced Cunning to 35.
  • Relic - Oblivion: added 6% Attack Speed, reduced Chaos damage to 1-36 and removed Resist Reduction.
  • Relic - Plunderer's Talisman: bonuses redesigned. Skill now also functions with two-handed guns.
  • Relic - Primal Instinct: skill now activates on attack rather than on crit, increased Swarmling move/attack speed, but decreased their damage. Increased chance of Pierce Retaliation for pets to 100%, but reduced it to 995.
  • Relic - Reckoning: increased chance of Retaliation to 50%.
  • Relic - Sacrifice: added 8% Attack Speed, removed chance of % All damage.
  • Relic - Scourge: increased chance of Retaliation to 50%.
  • Relic - Zeal: added 2% Offensive Ability, removed % Attack Speed.

Classes and skills[]

  • Damage over time effects can now critically strike and trigger on crit effects.
  • On enemy death effects can now trigger from damage over time effects (e. g. the Dead from the Revenant constellation).


  • Due to changes to celestial powers, you may need to reassign your skill selections as they may have reset.
  • Abomination: increased % Damage bonuses, increased Offensive Ability by 20, added 250 Health, 20% Poison Resist and 3% Max Poison Resist, removed % Poison Duration.
  • Aeon's Hourglass: increased attribute bonuses to 30, % Aether Resist to 20%, added 20% Reduced Elemental damage over time duration, 15% Vitality Resist and 4% Max Vitality Resist.
  • Affliction: added 10 Defensive Ability.
  • Amatok the Spirit of Winter: added 100 Health and 15 Offensive Ability, increased % Frostburn damage by 10%.
  • Assassin: added 22 Defensive Ability, reduced % Damage to Humans to 15%.
  • Bat: added 30% Life Leech damage and 30% Bleed damage.
  • Behemoth: increased Health Regeneration by 17.
  • Berserker: added 10% Pierce Resist and 20% Reduced Bleed Duration, reduced % Crit damage to 5%.
  • Blades of Nadaan: added 5% Attack Speed, removed Offensive Ability.
  • Blind Sage: reduced Affinity Requirements to 10 Ascendant and 18 Eldritch. Increased % Damage bonuses, increased Offensive Ability by 15.
  • Bysmiel's Bonds: added player bonuses (15 Offensive Ability, 5% Cast Speed, 15% Vitality Resist, 15% All Damage).
  • Candle: added 8% Elemental Resist, 6 Elemental damage and increased % Elemental damage to 15%.
  • Crab: increased Physique to 20, Trauma damage to 35%, % Elemental Resist to 18% and % Elemental damage by 5%, added 10 Defensive Ability.
  • Dire Bear: added 5% Attack Speed and 3% Health, removed Defensive Ability.
  • Dying God: increased % Damage bonuses, increased % Chaos Resist to 15%, increased Chaos damage to 5-24, added 30 Offensive Ability, added 5% Attack Speed for pets, reduced % Crit damage for pets to 10%.
  • Fox: added 12 Bleed damage / 3 s, increased % Bleed damage by 20%, removed % Bleed Duration.
  • Gallows: added 6 Vitality damage.
  • Ghoul: added 15 Life Leech / 2 s and 3% Damage Converted to Health.
  • Hammer: increased % Trauma damage by 5%, added 8 Defensive ability.
  • Harpy: added 3-7 Pierce damage.
  • Harvestman's Scythe: increased Health Regeneration to 12, % Health Regeneration to 25% and % Energy Regeneration to 25%.
  • Hawk: reduced % Crit damage to 8%.
  • Hydra: this constellation now also works with two-handed ranged weapons. Increased % All damage by 10%, reduced Offensive Ability by 5, reduced % Offensive Ability to 3%, removed % Attack Speed.
  • Hound: increased % Total Retaliation by 10%.
  • Huntress: added 10 Bleed damage / 3 s, increased % Bleed damage by 15%, reduced % Damage to Beasts to 15%, reduced % Bleed Duration to 20%, added 100 Health.
  • Jackal: increased Attack Speed to 6% for the player and 5% for pets.
  • Kraken: this constellation now also works with two-handed melee weapons (note that the sword/axe/mace constellations already do). Increased % All damage by 20%, reduced % Crit damage to 15%, replaced % Pierce damage bonuses with 40% Physical damage, added 16% Attack Speed and 5% Run Speed, removed Offensive Ability.
  • Leviathan: reduced affinity requirements to 13 Eldritch and 13 Ascendant. Increased % Damage bonuses. Added 25 Physique, 11 Cold damage, 10 Frostburn / 3 s damage, 26 Defensive Ability, 15% Pierce Resist and 3% Max Cold Resist. Reduced % Energy to 10%. Removed 25 Spirit and 5% Cast Speed.
  • Light of Empyrion: 3% Max All Resist replaced with 3% Max Aether and Chaos Resist, increased % Fire damage to 40%, reduced % Damage to Chthonians to 10%, reduced % Elemental Resist by 10%, Vitality Resist by 10% and % Max Resist for pets to 5%.
  • Lion: increased Health to 100 and % Pet damage to 12%.
  • Lizard: increased Health Regeneration to 16 and % Health Regeneration to 20%.
  • Magi: added 12 Burn damage / 3 s, increased % Burn damage by 10%.
  • Menhir's Obelisk: increased Defensive Ability by 10, added 300 Armor, 6% Armor and 3% Max Pierce Resist.
  • Messenger of War: added 100 Armor, 2% Armor, 120 Pierce Retaliation and 15% Pierce resist.
  • Mogdrogen the Wolf: reduced Affinity Requirements to 15 Ascendant and 12 Eldritch. Increased % Bleed damage by 10%, added 25 Bleed damage / 5 s, 15% Bleed Resist and 3% Max Bleed Resist.
  • Panther: added bonuses for pets (5% Offensive Ability, 6% All damage and 5% Crit damage).
  • Oklaine's Lantern: all stars now require a caster weapon or off-hand. Added 25% Trap Resist, 2 Energy Regen and 5% Attack Speed. Increased Offensive Ability by 7, reduced % Crit damage to 5%, removed 15% of Physical dealt as Elemental.
  • Oleron: increased flat and % Damage bonuses, increased % Pierce Resist to 20%, increased Offensive Ability by 15, added 300 health and 2% max pierce resist.
  • Owl: increased % Damage bonuses.
  • Rat: added 10% Poison Resist and 12 Poison Damage / 5s.
  • Raven: added player bonuses (8 Spirit, 15 Offensive Ability, 10% All Damage).
  • Reckless Tempest: added 15 Offensive Ability.
  • Revenant: replaced 10% chance of 50% Life Converted to Health with a flat 6%, added 6% Attack Speed, added 100 Health, reduced % Damage to Undead to 15%.
  • Rhowan's Crown: increased % Duration damage to 30%.
  • Rhowan's Scepter: added 8-12 Physical damage.
  • Shepherd's Crook: added player bonuses (40 Health, 3% Health, 10% Elemental Resist).
  • Shieldmaiden: added 15% Shield Block Recovery, reduced chance of Retaliation to 15%.
  • Spider: added 15 Offensive Ability and 10 Defensive Ability, increased Spirit and Cunning to 10, added 20% Reduced Attack Speed Retaliation and increased the duration of the Retaliation to 3s.
  • Solael's Witchblade: added 10 Offensive Ability.
  • Solemn Watcher: added 3% Physique, increased Defensive Ability to 30.
  • Spear of the Heavens: increased % Damage bonuses, increased % Aether Resist to 15%, added 3% Max Lightning Resist.
  • Tempest: added 3% Run Speed.
  • Targo the Builder: added 1% Health, 11% armor, moved 400 Health bonus up in the constellation.
  • Tree of Life: increased Health Regeneration by 5, added 5% Health, added bonuses for pets (10% Health, 40% Health Regeneration and 50 Health Regeneration).
  • Tsunami: increased % Frostburn and Electrocute to 25%.
  • Ulo the Keeper of the Waters: added 30% Leech Resist, added bonuses for pets (10% Elemental Resist, 20% Poison Resist and 10% Chaos Resist), removed 15% Elemental Resist.
  • Ulzuin's Torch: increased % Damage bonuses, increased Burn damage to 25 / 3 s, increased % Chaos Resist to 15%, added 15 Offensive Ability, 5% Run Speed and 3% Max Fire Resist.
  • Unknown Soldier: increased % Damage bonuses, increased Bleed damage to 18 / 3 s, increased Pierce damage to 15, increased % Health to 4%, added 15 Offensive Ability, 150 health and 3% Damage Converted to Health, removed 10 Health regeneration.
  • Viper: reduced Elemental Resist Reduction to 20 from 25.
  • Wendigo: added 100 Health, 3% Health, 10% Vitality Resist and 50% Life Leech damage.
  • Widow: added 15% Aether damage, 25% Lightning damage, 5% energy and 10 Spirit, removed 10% Crit damage.
  • Wolverine: added bonuses for pets (10% Pierce Resist, 50 Pierce Retaliation, 25% Bleed Resist, 50% All Retaliation damage and 5% Defensive Ability).
  • Wraith: added 4 Aether damage, 1-7 Lightning damage, 8% Aether Resist and 10 Offensive Ability.
  • Abominable Might: now also increases % Health.
  • Acid Spray: reduced Resist Reduction.
  • Aetherfire: added some Fire damage and a chance to Confuse for 2 s.
  • Arcane Bomb: activation chance increased to 25%, cooldown increased to 2 s. The explosion now applies a debuff that deals Aether/Lightning damage and reduces resistance to those damage types for 4s, 33% by max rank. Now reduces Offensive Ability instead of stunning enemies. Explosion radius increased to 5.
  • Assassin's Mark: reduced Resist Reduction at all ranks, -45% at max rank.
  • Bat Fangs: increased activation rate to 20%, slightly increased projectile speed, % Weapon damage now scales with rank but starts lower.
  • Blades of Wrath: activation chance increased to 100%, reduced number of projectiles to 18 by max rank.
  • Blizzard: activation chance increased to 100%, added Run Speed Reduction.
  • Blind Fury: % Weapon Damage starts higher, but scales to the same max value with rank. Armor Reduction duration fixed at 5 s at all ranks. Now also reduces Enemy Attack Speed for 5s. Increased activation chance to 100%.
  • Cleansing Waters: activation rate increased to 100%, Speed Reduction reduced at all ranks, 40% by max rank.
  • Dryad's Blessing: activation rate increased to 33%, reduced % Heal to 8% at max rank, reduced % Poison and Bleed Duration Reduction to 30% by max rank. Cooldown now starts at 8s, still scales down to 3s by max rank.
  • Eldritch Fire: now also reduces Fire and Chaos resist, 20% by max rank, reduced Speed Reduction to 33%.
  • Elemental Barrier: activation chance increased to 33%, cooldown fixed at 3 s at all ranks, damage absorbed increased.
  • Elemental Seeker: spawn limit removed, cooldown increased to 1.5 s, reduced lifespan to 5 s, damage on the Seeker's aura increased, added 2 s stun to expiration explosion, activation chance increased to 100%.
  • Fissure: burn damage slightly increased. Now has a chance to stun.
  • Flame Torrent: activation rate increased to 25%, increased % Weapon damage by 5% by max rank.
  • Ghoulish Hunger: now activates at 33% Health, added % Attack Speed and % Life Leech damage.
  • Giant's Blood: duration reduced to 5 s at rank 1, 10s by max rank.
  • Healing Rain: duration fixed at 8 s, cooldown reduced to 12s, added flat Health and Energy Regeneration, Target Radius increased to 15, activation chance increased to 25%.
  • Howl of Mogdrogen: now also grants the caster Bleed damage, % Bleed damage, Attack Speed and chance of Defensive Ability Reduction. Reduced % Offensive Ability and Total Speed bonus for pets, removed % Crit damage bonus and Defensive Ability Reduction.
  • Hungering Void: activation chance increased to 100%, energy upkeep removed, reduced % Crit damage bonus at all ranks, added a % Crit damage bonus for pets, added chance of 3s Fear retaliation, added % Total Speed.
  • Mark of the Wendigo: reduced duration, 8 s by max rank.
  • Messenger of War (skill): now activates on Hit rather than at 30% Health. Bonuses redesigned: now grants % Move Speed, % Slow Resist, Pierce Retaliation and % Total Retaliation.
  • Light of Empyrion (skill): reduced % Weapon damage to 35% by max rank.
  • Living Shadow: activation chance increased to 100%.
  • Raise the Dead: activation chance increased to 100%, cooldown increased to 3s. The Skeleton attacks now have a 100% chance to Reduce Run Speed.
  • Reckless Tempest: activation chance increased to 100%, added a chance to stun.
  • Rend: increased activation chance to 20%, the skill now has a small target radius that increases with rank, making it affect other enemies around the initial target, resist reduction reduced to -50% at max rank.
  • Shepherd's Call: now also grants the caster Offensive Ability, reduced % Crit damage bonus for pets.
  • Shield Wall: duration fixed at 5 s, cooldown reduced to 8 s, Block Chance replaced with % Armor, % Reflect increased, chance to activate increased to 33%.
  • Stone Form: duration fixed at 8 s, cooldown reduced to 12 s, base % Armor increased, Target Radius increased to 15, added Reduced Bleed and Poison duration, added % Total Retaliation.
  • Tainted Eruption: cooldown increased to 3 s, now also Confuses afflicted enemies.
  • Tip the Scales: reduced % Damage Converted to Health, 150% by max rank.
  • Wayward Soul: cooldown increased by 5 s at all ranks, Defensive Ability bonus slightly reduced, duration increased to 7 s.
  • Whirlpool: increased damage, now also reduces enemy Speed.
  • Fixed an issue with Tip the Scales not activating off of ranged attacks.


See: Soldier
  • Fighting Form: % Crit Damage removed, % Physical and Bleed damage scaling increased, added a chance to pierce through enemies when used with a ranged weapon
  • Fighting Spirit: ranks reduced from max of 16 to 12, so that less investment is required (Surplus points can be reclaimed using the skill reallocator). % Crit damage has been removed, % Offensive Ability converted to flat Offensive Ability and % All damage boosted significantly. Chance to activate starts lower and scales higher.
  • Blitz: now pushes through enemies
  • Blindside: % Physical damage increased and Defensive Ability Reduction increased
  • Menhir's Will: duration moved back up to 10 s, max ultimate rank cooldown raised to 15 s while rank 16 cooldown remains unchanged.
  • Shield Training: reduced % Shield Block Recovery to 20% by rank 10, 30% by max ultimate rank. This bonus was partially moved to the Shieldmaiden constellation in Devotion.


  • Flashbang: Radius and Defensive Ability reduction scaling increased.
  • Grenado: damage scaling increased.
  • High Impact: Fire damage scaling increased.
  • Vindictive Flame: Defensive Ability replaced with % Total Speed.
  • Flame Touched: added Offensive Ability.
  • Mortar Trap: now cast directly at cursor, the same way Shaman totems are. Projectile overhauled to be more responsive and awesome. Cooldown reduced to 5 s.
  • High Potency: updated with % Total damage multiplier.
  • Thermite Mine: Fear effect removed. Mines now reduce Fire and Lightning Resist on affected enemies. Damage slightly reduced to compensate for the Resist Reduction, but this is overall a net buff to their damage. Multiple thermite mines no longer stack their damage on the same target.
  • Lightning Arc: renamed to Hellfire Mine, now deals Chaos damage and reduces Chaos Resist instead of Lightning damage. % Fire damage reduced. Added % Burn damage. Items that previously had a bonus to Lightning Arc that are lightning-focused have had their skill bonus replaced.


  • Sigil of Destruction cooldown reduced from 3.5 to 3 s.
  • Possession: % Damage Absorption increased from 10% to 12% at max, 16% at max ultimate rank. Disruption Resist now starts at 100% with no scaling. Added flat Chaos damage and % Chaos Resist.
  • Significantly increased threat scaling with rank generated by Ember Claw.
  • Blood of Dreeg: increased duration, raised % Heal scaling, added Offensive Ability, replaced % Acid damage with flat Acid damage.
  • Armor of the Guardian: renamed to Aspect of the Guardian, Armor replaced with % Physical Resist, added % Vitality and Poison damage, removed % Attack Speed.
  • Dreeg's Evil Eye and modifiers rebalanced based on addition of crit bonus for DoTs, higher spirit damage bonus and more powerful synergies within the mastery.
  • Focused Gaze: updated with % Total damage multiplier.
  • Curse of Frailty: Movement Speed Reduction now scales from -25% to -50% with rank, rather than being fixed.
  • Vulnerability resistance reduction decreased, DA reduction increased.
  • Solael's Witchfire: added % Attack Speed and % Vitality damage, removed % Offensive Ability and % Acid damage.
  • Second Rite: replaced % Energy Burn with flat Vitality damage, added % Vitality Resist, moved % Vitality damage to base skill.
  • Consecrated Blade: now works with all weapons but only grants the optional Conversion.
  • Hellhound: Innate Damage scaling reduced, shifted a little more toward Fire. This should be made up for by skill increases.
  • Hellhound Hellfire Aura: % Fire and % Chaos damage bonuses increased, flat Chaos damage added.
  • Hellhound Ember Claw: Chaos damage scaling increased.
  • Hellhound Infernal Breath: Chaos damage increased.
  • Hellhound Blazing Death: Chaos damage added.


  • Shadow Strike: can now teleport through enemies, cooldown increased to 3.5 s and damage increased.
  • Nidalla's Justifiable Ends: reduced Cooldown Reduction scaling to 25% by rank 12, 30% by max ultimate rank.
  • Lethal Gambit: skill has been redesigned. The blade burst, previously the skill modifier, is now the base skill with the skill modifier instead applying a short duration buff. The base skill is now named Amarasta's Blade Burst.
  • Blade Spirit: shower of blades now launches a fixed 6 projectiles at all ranks, but the blades pierce through enemies. On expiration, the blade spirit deals area damage around it rather than launching a burst of blades. Added Cold damage to the Blade Spirit's innate aura to compensate for the loss of huge burst potential it had previously.
  • Anatomy of Murder: reduced % bonus to Humans to 33% by rank 12, 45% by max ultimate rank.
  • Blade Trap: radius now scales with level, duration and cooldown increased by 0.5 s, % Defensive Ability Reduction lowered.
  • Heart Seeker: Energy Cost reduced, Vitality damage starts lower but scales higher.
  • Nether Edge: Energy Cost reduced, Chaos damage increased slightly, spread reduced, Cold damage slightly reduced.
  • Frenetic Throw: Pierce to Vitality Conversion reduced from 50% to 45%, -10% Crit damage added.
  • Pneumatic Burst: removed weapon requirement. The transmuter still requires dual melee weapons.


  • Albrecht's Aether Ray: slightly increased turn speed.
  • Disintegration: slightly increased % Fire and Aether bonuses.
  • Devastation: cooldown reduced from 20 s to 18 s.
  • Mirror of Ereoctes: increased cooldown and energy cost at all ranks, 18 s and 146 energy by rank 12.
  • Callidor's Tempest: slightly increased max Fire damage and % Weapon damage with rank, radius now starts lower but scales with rank to a larger size.
  • Inferno: slightly increased % Aether damage with rank.
  • Wrath of Agrivix: increased % Weapon damage bonus to 50%.
  • Sphere of Protection: % Absorption reduced to 20% by rank 12, 25% by rank 22. -% All damage scales less at ultimate ranks. Added a small % Physical damage reduction that is reduced at ultimate ranks.
  • Mental Alacrity: Casting Speed bonus reduced. For a 10 point passive, it was giving too much and there are now more speed bonuses available in other masteries.


See: Shaman
  • Significantly increased threat scaling with rank generated by Ground Slam.
  • Devouring Swarm: Bleed damage increased, Bleed Resistance Reduction added, Life Leech reduced.
  • Wendigo Totem: healing at rank 12 adjusted to 5% + 500, 8% + 1350 by max ultimate rank.
  • Feral Hunger: slightly increased Bleed damage.

v0.3.8.1 (b31 hotfix 1) changes[]

A hotfix for Build 31 was released.[2]


  • Add option to allow "Move To" to break destructible objects.
  • Fixed a bug where objects destroyed by pets would not count towards achievements.
  • Fixed a bug where pets could not destroy some destructible objects (excluding loot orbs, will be fixed in a further patch).


  • Fixed an issue with Thermite Mines not triggering celestial powers.
  • Fixed an issue with Mortar Trap and the Pet Attack command allowing it to rapid-fire.
  • A couple additional unique Rare items have been strategically placed around Lower Crossing and Wightmire to promote exploration.
  • Adjusted attribute damage bonuses down a bit. They are still higher than Build 30.
  • Enemy damage and life scaling has been adjusted across all difficulties but with the biggest reductions on elite and ultimate. This should help address the sudden increase to difficulty, felt most keenly by melee builds.